Disney Buys Lucasfilm: 6 Awesome Star Wars/Disney Mash-ups

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The entertainment world has been stunned by the news that Disney purchased LucasFilm.

In a shocking move on October 30, Disney acquired Lucasfilm for some $4 billion in cash and stock. But, the bigger story, was that Disney plans on making more Star Wars films, with Episode VII slated for a 2015 release.

Of course, this isn’t the first major acquisition by Disney. Back in 2006 the company bought Pixar for $7.4 billion and then there was the purchase of Marvel for $4 billion in 2009. So, now that Lucasfilm joins the Disney umbrella, which also includes ABC and ESPN, there’s plenty of opportunities from some Star Wars mash-ups. Some are feasible, others are just for fun. Either way, here are six fantastic Star Wars and Disney mergers.

6. Star Wars Intro for Monday Night Football

Image: Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Ever since Hank Williams Jr. was axed by Disney, Monday Night Football has been missing that all important theme song to get us hyped for the game. What could be more epic than having the Star Wars intro and title screen lead us into Monday Night Football? Imagine the scrolling letters filling in the subplots for the audience. That would definitely be better than the sampled tracks from Faith Hill and Cee Lo Green for Sunday and Thursday Night Football.

5. Toy Story: Episode 4

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We all love Toy Story. It took us back to our innocence when all we cared about was our beloved toys. But, we still love our Star Wars action figures. So why not make a fourth Toy Story film that features Star Wars figures coming to life? A geek’s dream come true. You’re welcome Disney.

4. Star Wars and Marvel Comic Mash-up

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Star Wars has already been featured in comic form, ironically released by Marvel from 1977 to 1986, but now we could see Star Wars return to the most popular comic label on the planet. While we’re not sure about the agreement between Lucas and Dark Horse Comics, who has been distributing Star Wars comics since 1991, there’s still a possibility that we could see the said return.

Even if that didn’t happen, there’s always the possibility of having some of our favorite characters from the Marvel universe popping up in the Star Wars universe. How awesome would it be to see Darth Vader and the Empire teaming up with Dr. Doom, Magneto, and Thanos to square off against heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Fantastic Four, and The Avengers? It’s like Secret Wars. But, with Star Wars involved!

3. Star Wars: The TV Series

Image: Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Since Disney already owns a bunch of television networks, and Lucas has been wanting to do a Star Wars TV series for years, there’s no excuse not to now. Disney has all the resources it needs to develop a quality Star Wars television series, which could give fans a deeper insight into the Star Wars universe.

2. New Rides and Attractions At Disney World

Image: Twitter /@flarup

Sure. We may already have some Star Wars characters in Orlando, but now we can have some exciting new rides and attractions based on Star Wars. Maybe even convert Epcot into the Death Star. Yeah. That would be sick. While that happen, I bet fans of the the theme park will be treated to some new Star Wars related rides and attractions within the near future that will definitely be worth the price of admission.

Image: mashable.com

1. Darth Vader. The Avengers. On Film Together.

Is this a stretch? Absolutely. But, did anyone actually think that Disney would own the rights to Star Wars? No. So, let’s continue.

How freaking awesome would it be to see Darth Vader take on The Avengers in the sequel? Imagine something like this. Thanos uses some inter-dimensional gizmo to bring in the baddest Sith of all to help him conquer the universe. Then, there’s an epic, and perhaps greatest battle ever recorded on film, between Vader and Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk and Thor. I’m pretty sure the head of every fan boy on earth would explode in that one moment of pure geektastic ecstasy.


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