Voice Actor Confirms Modern Warfare 4, Infinity War Refutes It

Image Credit: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Box Art | Wikipedia

It was rumored that Activision and Infinity Ward are working on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, following confirmation coming from the game’s voice talent Bill Murray. However, the game developers are saying that it’s all rumors.

Bill Murray: Spilling the Beans

According to a report posted by This Is Xbox, the game’s Captain Price voice actor spilled that Activision and Infinity Ward are working on a game sequel.

TIX founder Jason Andres met Bill Murray in a flight out of the London Stansted Airport last Monday, and said that he was a big fan of the game. The voice actor replied that he will be having a meeting the game developers on November 5 to talk about his participation in the purported Modern Warfare 4.

Yeah, on Monday I am off to meet Infinity Ward about the next game, Modern Warfare 4. I’m doing work on the sequel to Modern Warfare 3, it carries straight on and I only ever appear in the Modern Warfare games.

Because of Murray’s word, it appears that the game sequel will pick up where Modern Warfare 3 left off. And since the game developers are yet to talk with the voice talent, players can assume that the game is still on its early stages of development. If that will be the case, then it might take months before Activision share the primary details about Modern Warfare 4. In relation to this, Black Ops 2 will be launched in just a couple of weeks.

All News is Speculation—Infinity Ward

Despite the hype that Bill Murray’s words caused the fans, Infinity Ward refuted the rumors. As posted on their official Twitter account:

Interesting news today, but it’s not true. We’ve not talked with any voice actors, so all news is speculation.

This only means that Activision doesn’t have a Call of Duty game that will be out in 2013. Nevertheless, Murray’s words don’t say that a new game is coming. Instead, the speculations are pointing out that the next game in the series will continue the Modern Warfare story.

But whether a new game is coming or not, it won’t shock the gamers that a new title is in Activision and Infinity Ward’s pipeline. In case it will materialize, more news will surely come in the future. For now, players will be content that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will hit the stores in just a couple of weeks.

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