Playhouse Entertainment Developing a New Title for PlayStation Move

The DualPLAY by Playhouse Entertainment

Image Credit: The DualPLAY by Playhouse Entertainment | Official YouTube Video

Although PlayStation Move has become synonymous with casual or sporty games, one developer wants to prove otherwise. A new game developer, Playhouse Entertainment, is so new that it is only composed of one member—its founder Brett Gale. Thus, he shared with gaming news website iWaggle 3D his reason in developing a PlayStation Move-dedicated game.

I’ve been a huge gamer my entire life, and I’m always excited when I see something I believe can make a positive impact on the way we currently play games. That’s why I was so happy when motion controls came out. I started thinking of all these cool ways that developers were going start to use them to make games feel more realistic, using natural arm movements to interact with all objects seen in the game.

He added that, for the past years, there have been very few games that were able to use the amount of the console’s motion control to its full extent. Gale also shared that he founded Playhouse Entertainment to create a PlayStation Move game that will introduce realistic motion controlled gameplay. He also believes that his unique control scheme will address all previous control problems.

The DualPLAY Tech Demo

In relation to this, Gale shared a tech demo called The DualPLAY, which highlights the kind of interaction that his control solutions would allow.

The tech demo is something I developed several months ago with the purpose of proving that the motion controlled gameplay I have always desired is not only possible but actually offers some of the most natural and realistic character control I have ever experienced.

The demo is running under the Unity 3D engine, and it is meant to represent what the game will look like. It also showcases how gamers are supposed to interact with the virtual world, although it is unsure whether it can be done through dual-Move.

Aside from pointing out that the demo’s title and engine will not necessarily be present on the final product, Gale declined to give further details about the PlayStation Move title that he is developing. However, the DualPLAY makes it safe to assume that part of his unique control scheme is an efficient dual-Move set up that doesn’t hinder character movement.

As for its possible release, the date is yet to be decided. Additionally, Gale said that he might self-publish the game as a downloadable title through the PlayStation Store. This is something new so players should keep an eye on this.

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