Halo 4 Offers 7 Hours of Campaign

Halo 4

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Gaming news website Cram Gaming reported yesterday that Halo 4 offers around 7 hours of campaign for single players. That is if the game is set on normal difficulty and if the player is not rushing the game.

If it’s too short, the game’s Legendary difficulty and its returning series skulls can bring the stakes up. Solo players can also take the Spartan Ops, which adds more hours to the overall campaign. In addition, 343 Industries recommend the Heroic difficulty to seasoned gamers.

With more episodes becoming available over time, gamers will definitely have something more to watch out for.

More About Halo 4

Set to be released on November 6 for Xbox 360, Halo 4 is an upcoming first-person shooter video developed by 343 Industries. It is the first installment in a new Halo trilogy series called “Reclaimer Trilogy”, and it is set four years after Halo 3 end. It also marks the return of Master Chief as the main protagonist, together with AI Cortana.

Halo 4 has five game modes: Campaign, War Games, Spartan Ops, Forge and Theater. The Campaign deals with the game’s main story. After waking up from the battered and stranded remains of the USNC Forward Unto Dawn, the Chief must fight his way through enemies to uncover secrets that are one hundred years old.

War Games is the unparalleled, revolutionary battle simulation system. This is where Spartans can hone their skills in competitive combat. With the help of holographic technology and vast pneumatic riser fields, this game mode transforms a facility into a hyper-realistic battlefield, which simulates both real and hypothetical combat arenas.

In addition, Spartan Ops are missions conducted by the Spartans of UNSC Infinity. It runs the course of a season, offering an epic gameplay that is driven by stories of Spartans aboard Infinity. Forge, on the other hand, is a game mode that provides players to edit multiplayer maps. Using a powerful tool set, gamers can add, remove and move around various map objects such as weapons, vehicles, power-ups and props. It also introduces several new features like real time highlighting and labeling of objects.

Last is the Theater game mode. It allows the gamers to re-watch their competitive War Games experiences, as well as capture screenshots and video clips of their matches. They can also exchange screenshots and video clips with their fellow players through Xbox LIVE.


The game will also be available in Japan on November 8.

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