Xbox 360: Having the Edge in the Battle of HD Consoles

Image Credit: Microsoft Xbox 360 | Wikipedia

Microsoft’s General Manager of Product Marketing for Interactive Entertainment Business Matt Barlow said that Xbox 360 will be the HD gaming console of choice this holiday. That is despite the fact that Nintendo Wii U will be out in a couple of weeks, and Mario and Co. would make the gamers make the jump.

On the other hand, Barlow defended his statement by pointing out that the release of blockbuster games like Halo 4 and a $50 price cut on holiday bundles will give the Xbox 360 an edge in this battle. In an interview with gaming website GameIndustry International, he said:

I think this holiday season in an amazing jump off for all those people who may have been interested in the Wii and now want to be interested in high-definition gaming. I can’t think of a better console for them to choose than one that has the most games available, the highest rated games available, than the Xbox 360 platform.

As the company positions their gaming console for the holiday season, Marlow is also encouraging people to pick up the Xbox 360. He also added that other than high-definition gaming and entertainment platform, their console will bring in alternative gaming experience.

… When you look at the alternative experiences that we’re going to bring with SmartGlass, the entertainment providers that we’re bringing on board, with sports and music and movies and TV, and then if you think about those pre-eminent best selling blockbuster games that they’re going to want to play—Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Forza, Nike+ Kinect Fitness—they either play first of they play best on Xbox 360 and nowhere else.

Placing the Xbox 360 in the Market

Aside from talking why Xbox 360 would be the gaming console of choice, Barlow also talked about placing the Xbox 360 for the holiday, especially that its end of cycle is looming. In addition, he noted that Kinect will play a big role in the industry, as he believes that it is already resonating with the core audience.

There are plenty of uses for this particular technology, whether it’s gesture or speech, and we’ve only scratched the surface. We’ve only been in this thing a couple of years now… Kinect is going to be something that everyone’s going to want to own. Whether you’re core, whether you’re broad, whether you’re entertainment or game-based—the present’s great. The future is going to be even better.

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