In Honor of Movember: The 23 Most Epic Mustaches

After a full month of pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness, it’s time for men to have their own ribbon. A hairy ribbon, to be exact.

Ever since 2003, the month of November has been renamed Movember by men around the world. The idea is simple. Begin the month on November 1 clean-shaven and grow a mustache for charity, which would be for prostate cancer. It’s that easy.

The global phenomenon has already raised $299 million for prostate cancer research since 2003. This has made Movember the largest funder of prostate cancer programs in the world. And, it looks like that number will continue to swell. This year has already had a record number of registrations, mainly due to the increase in Facebook and Twitter users.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration when you man up and grow a sweet stache of your own, or just get envious, here are 23 epic mustaches to help kick off Movember. These mustaches are so awesome that it makes us wonder. Are the mustaches awesome because the men sporting them are awesome? Or, did the mustache make the following men great?

Burt Reynolds

Image: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most iconic and legendary mustaches in history. Period.

Tom Selleck

Image: Georges Biard / Wikimedia Commons

If anyone could challenge Burt Reynolds for an epic mustache it would be Magnum PI himself.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The famed civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient remains an  icon with a mustache

Mark Twain

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Certainly one of the greatest Americans ever, perhaps even the greatest American author, would have one of the greatest staches ever.

Theodore Roosevelt

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Theodore Roosevelt was a sickly kid. Then he grew a mustache. He went on to become a war hero, President of the USA and survived an assassination attempt.

Salvador Dali

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Many artists could only wish that they could be as talented as Salvador Dali. Many men wish they could rock that stache.

Wilford Brimley

Image: Facebook

The actor proves that even an elderly diabetic can maintain a serious mustache.

Sam Elliott

Image: Facebook

Even the Dude abides. We dig his style.

Hulk Hogan

Image: daysofthndr46 / Wikimedia Commons

Despite the ups and downs of the most well-known wrestler ever, one thing has been consistent. His sweet facial hair.

Wyatt Earp

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Just because some of Earp’s heroics in the Wild West may have been fabricated doesn’t mean that his mustache is any less epic.

Charlie Chaplin

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Chaplin’s mustache was simple and refined, yet it remains one of the most iconic.

Rollie Fingers

Image: Rubenstein / Wikimedia Commons

Baseball players are known for having incredible facial hair. But, Rollie Fingers could be the best that sport has ever seen.

Albert Einstein

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Besides being one of the most intelligent people that ever lived, Einstein supposedly also slept with Marilyn Monroe. We think it was because of his impressive stache.

Freddie Mercury

Image: Thomas Steffan / Wikimedia Commons

It’s only fitting that one of the greatest frontmen in music also had one of the greatest mustaches ever.

Mike Ditka

Image: Jason Perry / Wikimedia Commons

We’re pretty sure that Ditka’s mustache helped motivate his Chicago Bears on their way to a Super Bowl championship.

Carl Weathers

Image: Apollo Creed Promo

You have to be badass to star in a movie called Action Jackson. And, let’s not forget that Weathers appeared in Predator and was Apollo Creed as well.

Clark Gable

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Gable is still one of the most classic leading men on film. So is his mustache.

John Waters

Image: Mr. Azed / Wikimedia Commons

The director made pencil-thin mustaches not only acceptable, but also kind of cool.

John Holmes

Image:  The Village Voice

Holmes may be remembered for his bod as one of the most well-known porn stars ever. His mustache only added to his legendary status.

Keith Hernandez

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Not only did Keith Hernandez used to smoke in the dugout, the former New York Met never gave up on his signature look

Errol Flynn

Image: Wikimedia Commons

It only makes sense that perhaps the greatest actor of all time would rock such an amazing stache.

Joshua Chamberlain

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Chamberlain is mainly remembered for being a hero at the Battle of Gettysburg. Thanks to his flanking maneuver at Little Round Top, he was awarded the Medal of Honor. Some believe his mustache gave him the inspiration for such a move.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The famed German philosopher may have written that God was dead, Nietzsche’s mustache will always live on.

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