New Grand Theft Auto V Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

Image Credit: Grand Theft Auto V Logo | Official Video

It was reported that customers who made early pre-order of Grand Theft Auto V will receive a photo viewer key chains. The key chains are said to be showing off the Los Santos sights: Vespucci Canals, Zancudo River, Grapeseed, and Vinewood Hills.

There were also reports that at least four different key chains are available at retailers such as GameStop, Target and Future Shop. Aside from the key chains, photos of travel brochure-style advertisements have surfaced online.

One reader also informed gaming website IGN that GameStop will release double-sided posters of GTA V to players. However, the retailer will only receive 15 photo viewers and 100 posters.

IGN tried to contact Rockstar Games for a comment, but the game developer declined.

New GTA V Trailer Coming Soon

In another GTA V news, Rockstar Games revealed that a new trailer will be out soon. It was intended to be released earlier, but it was delayed due to the recent Hurricane Sandy in New York. As posted on their official website:

We are working on a second trailer—unfortunately Hurricane Sandy has derailed our plans somewhat, but we will have something to show soon. It’s hard to be precise as we have no power whatsoever in our New York office. We hope everyone else in affected areas is doing okay.

Release Date and More Rumors

Additionally, AMOG reported a couple of days ago that GTA V will hit the stores on spring 2013 as confirmed by U.K. retailer GAME. Prior to this, images of rumored European pre-order posters leaked on the Internet, also carrying a spring 2013 release date. Also written on the poster is that the title will become available between March and May next year.

However, a senior research analyst from Baird said that it is unlikely for GTA V to become available by the end of May 2013. It’s a no-brainer my March 31 is being rumored as a plausible release date for the game, as it Rockstar Game’s end of business year.

More news about GTA V is expected to arrive next week, as the digital edition of Game Informer’s latest issue will be released on November 8. The gaming magazine will be feature the open-world title, highlighting 18 pages of GTA V coverage.

In the morning of November 8, we will reveal the cover are and give you a break down of the issue (hint: the story is huge—over 18 pages in print—and full of details and screens we can’t wait to share).  Then, in the afternoon (US Central time) we will release the digital edition of Game Informer to iPad, 10-inch Android devices, PC/Mac.

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