In the Wild: PlayStation 4 Dev Kits

Image Credit: PlayStation 4 Concept | PlayStation Universe

According to new reports, the latest version of the PlayStation 4 dev kit is being rolled out to developers. In relation to this, the console’s final version is expected to become available next year.

Meet the Orbis Kit

There were claims that the PS4 dev kit, also called Orbis kit, is heading its way to developers. The console is replete with Blu-ray support and is housed inside a normal PC.

It appears that the dev kit is already the second iteration, as the first one became available this year in a form of a graphics card. The new Orbis kit is also dubbed as the “modified PC”. There were also speculations that the next version will be released in January, while the ultimate version will land on the devs’ doorsteps next summer.

Additionally, it was reported that the shipping of Orbis kit is apparently followed by a series of meeting held by the Sony US this week. The event is used by the company to explain the console design, as well as how they can get the most out of it.

What’s interesting about these meetings is that the claims that Sony doesn’t refer to the machine as PlayStation. They were instead addressing it as “Orbis” all the time.

Inside the Orbis Dev Kit

Based on a report posted by gaming website IGN, the Orbis dev kit is based on AMD’s A10 APU series. It also comes with either 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM, as well as the aforementioned Blu-ray drive and 256 GB hard drive. These components are meant to make sure that the console can run a 1080p60 games in 3D.

It was also said the dev kit has Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, in addition to HDMI output slots. This is pretty much what gamers would find in a PlayStation 3.

But what makes the purported console different from its predecessor is the user interface. There were reports that the Orbis UI is designed to be more fluid, and enables extensive navigation anywhere on the system by just pressing the PS button throughout the game.

This feature was demonstrated to the assembled masses by buying a downloading content from the PS Store without quitting the game. As for the console’s controller, no word was issued about it.

In relation to this, IGN reached to Sony for comment, but the company replied that they “comment on rumor and speculation”. So whether a new gaming console from Sony will be introduced next year or not remains to be seen.

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