NOW Concept: Games You Can Get Your Lady to Play

Tired of getting dirty looks from your significant other when you take over the television to play Borderlands 2 or Halo 4 for hours on end? Ease the relationship strife in your life by introducing your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife to the world of video gaming.

Below are five video games that look past the basic Pac-Man and Dance Dance Revolution fare that she might enjoy. Several of the games allow for two players simultaneous gaming, opening up the opportunity for video games to become quality time.

Heavy Rain – PS3


One of the best games of the current generation of consoles, Heavy Rain places you in the position of a father framed for murder  striving to save his son from a serial killer.

The game operates using a very simple control scheme, as it chooses to revolve around the moral and situational decisions made by the player instead of reflex aptitude. The story is engrossing, like an interactive suspense thriller with a dash of noire futurism. Heavy Rain features a plethora of different endings, and not all of them are happy.  It’s easy to play together as well, but watching Heavy Rain is almost as fun as playing the game.

If your lady is a fan of The Walking Dead television series, a game similar to the style of Heavy Rain is available for download on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Mario Kart – Nintendo Wii

If you own a Wii, this game is likely already on your shelf. Pull it out, put a Wiimote in her hands, and she will likely play and love this addictive action racing featuring some of the most classic characters in video game playing. As with a lot of the games on this list, two-player simultaneous gaming is important — Mario Kart allows for up to 4 players at once.

Make the experience even better by picking up plastic Wiimote wheel adapters (they only cost  $3-#5) to turn your Wiimote into a steering wheel.

The Mass Effect series – Xbox 360 & PS3


Part action game, part dialogue based RPG, Mass Effect is less a game and more a fine piece of interactive literature. The Mass Effect series unfolds over three different games that place the character in the role of Commander Shepard (available in male and female flavors) as he or she gathers companions to fight evils in the universe.

Set 400 years in the future, the Mass Effect series takes place just enough in the future to present a different world, all the while maintaining a familiarity unlike some sci-fi series (re: Star Trek). The personal choices the player makes as Commander Shepard carry on through the three game series, with the player able to establish relationships (both platonic and romantic) with heart-wrenching plot points set throughout.

The licensed LEGO game of your choice – All Systems


The LEGO games span a variety of franchises (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more) and are available for almost every gaming console. These pick-up-and-play games offer action reminiscent of 1980s and 1990s video games, as well as plenty of trinkets and alternate costumes to unlock amidst a comedic and familiar setting.

The LEGO games allow for two players to play simultaneously, giving you an opportunity to spend a couple of hours of quality time with your lady that doesn’t involve a romantic comedy.

Disney Land Adventures  – Xbox 360 (with Kinect add-on)



Holy crap, a game entitled should not be fun to a hardcore gamer with two plus decades of video games under his belt. My wife is a Disney fan, so I bought this game for her as a consolation prize after I nabbed the Xbox 360’s Kinect add-on. Disney Land Adventures takes the player on a tour of Disney Land and simulates several rides and character meet-ups.

The Kinect-based controls are extremely responsive and intuitive, as your arms and hands take the place of a physical controller and opening up video gaming to an entirely new group of gamers. The main Disney Land Adventures campaign will be a bit mundane for veteran gamers, but the mini-games that occur in lieu of some rides are amazing.

The Matterhorn section features a multi-player snowball fight against abominable snowmen, a fight made even more fun with the Kinect’s control system. With Disney Land Adventures, you can fight snowmen from the safety of your house in the middle of summer. I approve.

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