Analyst Expects Apple to Ship 850K iPad Mini Tablets

Apple's iPad Mini

Image Source: Apple’s iPad Mini | Official Website

As the iPad Mini hits the stores last week, analysts are starting to roll out their shipment forecasts. In fact, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI estimates that the company will be able to ship 850,000 units during its first week of sales. That is based on supply chain checks and logistic considerations like transportation.

Apple’s iPad Mini: Getting on Top of the Mid-size Tablet Market

In relation to this, Kuo pointed out that Apple could have higher first-week shipments had mass production started sooner than mid-October. It also appears that the company lacks supply for the 7-inch tablet, as around 950,000 units were manufactured before its launch. This statistic is based on the shipment quotes from the online Apple store.

The analyst also speculated that his forecast would bring the Cupertino-based company on top of the mid-size tablet market. That’s because the iPad maker’s predicted shipment could outperform the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7.

It is expected that the iPad Mini could surpass the Kindle Fire HD’s shipment for six months, as well as the Nexus 7’s average monthly shipment for the fourth quarter, during the first two days of its launch.

Apple’s iPad Mini vs. Competing Devices

It was reported that Amazon’s forecast shipment for its mid-size Kindle could hit 6 million, something that Kuo refutes. According to him, suppliers are starting to see a slowdown when it comes to Fire’s shipment momentum. The same thing goes with the Nexus 7. He also added that the 10-inch Kindle Fire HD is encountering production problems.

The analyst sees that Apple’s iPad Mini will have a lucrative shipment this holiday season at 8.2 million. It will be followed by Kindle Fire HD at 4.5 million and Nexus 7 for 1.9 million. Moreover, both competing devices will see a monthly decrease of shipments.

Kuo believes that Kindle Fire and Nexus’ delivery will have a decline of about 47 percent and 52 percent respectively. On the other hand, Apple’s iPad Mini will have an 11 percent increase during the same period as the supply gets a boost.

However, these numbers are just mere speculations from industry pundits. Until the manufacturers have revealed their own statistics, nothing is set on stone yet.

Prior to this, it was reported that Apple was able to sell out their initial batch of iPad tablets during the pre-order period. After that, the company made their largest product launch last Friday, as the iPad Mini was rolled out to 34 countries.

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