iPad Mini Next-Day, In-Store Pickup Reservations Now Open

Apple's iPad Mini

Image Source: Apple’s iPad Mini | Official Website

After it was reported that the initial batch of iPad Mini was already sold-out online, Apple has initiated online reservations for the 7-inch tablet. Furthermore, this reservation enables interested customers to buy a unit online for a next-day, in-store pickup.

Apple’s iPad Mini: Now Available for In-Store Pickup Reservation

Instead of waiting for the two-week delivery time quoted by the company, those interested to purchase the iPad Mini can make a reservation through the Online Apple Store each night at 10 PM local time.

The next-day, in-store pickup reservation service is the best way to make sure that Apple Stores around the country can take delivery for a limited number of units each day. That is while waiting for supplies to normalize, as well as letting the units trickle in from Chinese manufacturers.

Using the Pickup Reservation System

The reservation system, which targets users who want to be one of the first iPad Mini owners, has been used by the company before during their major Apple launches.

In fact, it is similar to the company’s pre-order system that they employ in China. It was recently used for the iPad 3, wherein customers were allowed to make reservations within an allotted time period. After that, they are given a specific time to pick up their device the next day.

It is unknown how many units are allotted for the online reservation. Moreover, it’s a no-brainer that stocks in Apple Stores usually fluctuate. However, users can visit the Apple Online Store starting at 10 PM and check from time to time whether the service is available or not.

All that customers need to do is place an order online, and then choose the “Pick up” option at checkout. The inventory is also updated every night.

Shipping Expectations for Apple’s iPad Mini

Aside from the iPad Mini pre-order, the in-store pickup reservation system could help Apple reach the analysts’ expectations.

AMOG reported yesterday that Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities estimates that the company will be able to ship 850,000 iPad Mini units during the first week of its sales. That is based on supply chain checks and logistics considerations like transportation.

The analyst also pointed out that the iPad maker could have higher first-week shipments, had mass production started sooner than mid-October. Nevertheless, this speculation could bring Apple on top of the mid-size tablet market, as it could outperform competing devices such as Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7.

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