Xbox Surface Tablet: What it Means for Gamers

Image Source: Microsoft Surface RT | Official Website

According to rumors circulating across the Web, Microsoft is building a Surface tablet for Xbox gamers. In case there’s a truth in it, an Xbox Surface tablet could only do little to revolutionize mobile gaming. However, it could be a huge step forward for the company, which was able to dominate the traditional entertainment market.

But is an Xbox branding enough to entice users to embrace a 7-inch gaming tablet?

Talking About Xbox Tablet

The news about the Xbox tablet was first speculated by The Verge before Microsoft released their 10-inch Surface RT and Surface Pro. As posted on the gadget and gaming website, the gaming device will feature a 7-inch screen, high-powered custom ARM processor, and more RAM to support game.

It was also rumored that the company is already on the early stages of the Xbox tablet’s development, and that they’ve also boosted their Xbox base’s security in Redmond. However, Microsoft declined to comment on the issue.

According to Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities, it is unlikely for Microsoft to build an Xbox tablet. Knowing the power of the console’s brand and the fact that 75 percent of games in Xbox Live Arcade would translate well to tablets are not enough. The company should also consider that the Surface’s popularity is still unclear.

Fitting the Xbox Tablet In

Rumor or not, many industry pundits believe that an Xbox tablet will not replace the Xbox 360 as a gaming console. It would probably work as a second screen that will complete the living room experience. The device could also serve new ways to interact with the console, while neatly integrating with the tablet and smartphone system that gamers have been accustomed to.

However, Microsoft still needs to give players the reason to buy another tablet, and this is where the “Xbox” branding could come in. It is valuable and with a tad of consumers over the years.

A device that could integrate the system and its fan base with the tablet ecosystem could encourage developers to build games for potentially massive built-in audience. This could also fill an app store that currently lacks hit titles.

Just for the right price, the Xbox tablet could see success. Moreover, it is not just going against other consoles such as Sony PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS; it could compete against Google Nexus 7 and Apple’s iPad Mini. But in case the company is really building a gaming tablet, it is unlikely to be available anytime this year, as they are pushing the Surface tablets this holiday season.

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