Sony Fixes PlayStation Plus’ “Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition” Issue

Resident Evil 5

Image Source: Resident Evil 5 Box Art | Wikipedia

After announcing that Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition will be available to all PlayStation Plus members as a free instant game collection, it was reported that some users were unable to download the game.

As reported by Gaming Examiner, users only get the “Free Trial” option of the game and not the full download version. On the other hand, Sony posted on their official Twitter account that they are aware of the situation, and the fix is already in the works.

We’re aware that some US Plus members aren’t seeing Resident Evil 5 as part of the Instant Game Collection, and we’re working on a solution.

More About Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

Prior to this, it was reported that Sony will bring the Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition free to its PlayStation Plus members. This gives gamers, especially those who didn’t spring for the Anthology Edition, a chance to go back and play through a well-received and recently released Resident Evil title.

The Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition includes two add-on missions, four new costumes, and the Mercenaries Reunion that brings back familiar faces to the Mercenaries mini-game. Both missions, the Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape, enable gamers to take control of former STARS agent Jill Valentine.

Lost in Nightmares sends Jill and Chris Redfield back to the infamous mansion, which was the reason of their involvement. The characters are on quest to uncover Umbrella’s secrets that will lead them to Resident Evil 5. On the other hand, Desperate Escape follows Jill and BSAA agent John Stone, as both of them tries to escape from the Tricell facility.

Resident Evil 5 was released in 2010, and introduces a new character—Sheva Alomar. Sheva is Chris Redfield’s new partner in Bio-Terrorism Security Assessment Alliance. The game’s story revolves around a highly mutated strain of Umbrella’s well known virus that is available on the black market.

Chris and Sheva are dispatched to a small village in Africa to locate the seller. But just like in any “Resident Evil” story, things went awry and the characters find themselves engulfed in something bigger.

Sony’s PlayStation Plus

During its initial release, many question the potential of Sony’s PlayStation Plus program. It turns out that the service has been giving non-subscribers an early and access to several betas, as well as a number of discounted games.

Users can avail PlayStation Plus memberships for three months or one year, which costs $18 or $50 respectively.

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