Scarlett Johansson Gets New Tat. Is It One of The 15 Worst Celebrity Tattoos?

Image: tumblr

Scarlett Johansson is back in the news. But, not exactly in a good way.

The actress recently unveiled some new ink, and, it isn’t something that she should proudly show off. It’s a horseshoe inscribed with “Lucky You” on her ribcage, which was done by French tattoo and graffiti artist Fuzi Uvtpk. We think it looks more like something from a preschooler who just woke up from naptime.

Maybe ScarJo would get some sympathy here, but this isn’t the first bad tattoo that she’s had itched on her skin. The bombshell already has three of them, a landscape picture on one arm, the initial “A” on her ankle and “I Heart New York” on her wrist. Any of these could easily be classified as a “worst tattoo ever” .

However, ScarJo, isn’t the first, or last, celebrity to get a horrible tat. In fact, it’s pretty much a give-in for most celebrities. While there are a lot of hideous celebrity tattoos out there, we’ve found the worst of the worst. And, here they are. The 15 worst celebrity tattoos.

15. Reggie Miller

Image: 53rdminute.com

The former Pacers great gets two fouls. One for getting a trendy sun tat. And, a second for getting said trendy tattoo around his belly button.


14. Hayden Panettiere

Image: sofeminine.co.uk

When getting a saying in a different language tattooed on your skin forever you should probably make sure it’s spelled correctly. The actress found this out when she got the saying “Vivere senza rimipianti,” which is meant to be “to live without regrets” in Italian. The mistake is an extra “i”. Her tat reads”rimipianti” instead of “rimpianti.”


13. Johnny Depp

Image: andpop.com

Here’s one of the most famous mistakes in tattoo history. Johnny Depp made an epic fail when he put “Winona Forever,” referring to then girlfriend Winona Ryder, on his arm. The couple split and Depp had to modify it to “Wino Forever,” which isn’t much better.


12. Nicole Richie

Image: tattooidea.org

The socialite got “virgin” tattooed on wrist. Ironic, since Richie is anything but a virgin.


11. Brad Pitt

Image: celebritytattoodesign.com

We’re not exactly sure what the actor was going for here. He just has lines etched on his back. Perhaps some lame attempt at being artsy?


10. Cher

Image: inkedcelebrity.com

Her “butt wings” tattoos will forever haunt us in our dreams.


9. Mark Wahlberg

Image: dailyfill.com

The artist formerly known as Marky Mark had many of his classic tats removed. These works of arts included: Sylvester the cat with Tweety Bird in his mouth on his ankle, Bob Marley portrait with the words “One Love” on upper left arm, and our personal favorite, a design of his initials “MW” along with his last name on his upper right arm.


8. Angelina Jolie

Image: mamapop.com

It’s bad enough to get a tat of a significant other, see Johnny Depp above, but what if that love of your life was named Billy Bob? That’s a double-whammy.


7. Stephen Baldwin

Image: hollywooddame.com

After losing a bet to Hannah Montana herself, Miley Cyrus, Stephen Baldwin had to get a “Hannah Montana” tat. The result was “HM” on his upper left arm. Besides being a horrible tattoo, it’s also a bit creepy.


6. Rihanna

Image: hiphopmusicclassics.com

The pop singer has numerous bad tats, including “Thug Life” across her wrists and a gun on her ribcage. Seems like she’s someone you shouldn’t mess with, unless you’re Chris Brown.


5. Steve O

Image: tattoofashion.com

One of the most epically bad tattoos in history.


4. Pamela Anderson

Image: radaronline.com

There was a time when Pamela Anderson was lusted after by any man with a heartbeat. The beginning of the end of her hotness was definitely the infamous barbed wire tat.


3. Mike Tyson

Image: infobarrel.com

Not only did the troubled boxer get a tribal tattoo, he got it on his face. It doesn’t get much more horrible.


2. Tom Arnold

Image: fikklefame.com

We stand corrected. Another celeb who got a tat of their ex. However, Tom Arnold’s portrait of his ex-wife Roseanne Barr is not only hideous, it’s also very disturbing.


1. Gucci Mane

Image: popdust.com

Mike Tyson has already proved that facial tats don’t work. Unless you decide to get an ice cream cone on your check, like rapper Gucci Mane.


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