THQ Rolls Out Patch for WWE 13

Image Source: WWE 13 Statistics Screenshot | THQ Website

Game publisher THQ reported last Wednesday that they have released a patch for WWE 13. The patch addresses various crashes and bugs in the game, including the issue regarding user-created arenas in Universe Mode. It is now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and can be downloaded via Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

Aside from the game patch, THQ also created a dedicated Bug Reporting section in their WWE Games forum. As posted on WWE 13’s official website:

“If you continue to have issues in WWE 13, please help us identify and isolate them by describing them in the official WWE Games forums, where we have a dedicated Bug Reporting section frequented by numerous THQ employees.”

WWE 13: Gameplay and Features

WWE 13 was released in North America last month and became available in United Kingdom last November 2. It focuses on the Attitude Era of WWE, which replaces the Rode to Wrestlemania. This is where the gamer plays six different storylines, and will earn a bonus scenario called “Off Script” once all storylines are complete.

The professional wrestling video game features two gameplay: Exhibition and Creative Suite. Exhibition allows environmental moves such as ring breaks, barricade breaks, announce table breaks, and catching finishes.

Creative Suite, on the other hand, allows players to create their own wrestlers or diva. They can also customize a ring and its surroundings, as well as the entire stadium and logo. This move was also expanded to let players choose which part of their opponent’s body their next move will focus on.

Aside from the said gameplay, WWE 13 also has five features: WWE Live, Relive the Attitude Era, WWE Universe 3.0, Predator Technology 2.0, and Create and Share Your WWE.

WWE Live

This feature allows gamers to relive the spectacular WWE Live event with a new audio system, which delivers the most authentic and dynamic commentary, sound effects and crowd participation.

Relive the Attitude Era

This all-new single player campaign mode lets gamers experience the groundbreaking Monday Night Wars like never before.

WWE Universe 3.0

Returning to WWE 13 is the most-loved WWE Universe mode. It gives players more control in the game by shaping their schedule, television shows, and rosters.

Predator Technology 2.0

The Predator Technology brings in new animations, transitions, and modified controls to deliver strategic and fluid WWE action like never before.

Create and Share Your WWE

This feature allows players to create their Superstars, arenas, entrances, finishing storylines, and more. The cool part of it is that they can even upload and share their creation with the WWE Universe.

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