Ways to Protect Your Computer Against Malware

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Although mobile malware are gaining traction these days, you shouldn’t forget to protect your PC against malware and cyber threats. After all, you’re still using your machine to shop online, pay bills, and save sensitive files. Making sure that your desktop is protected could lessen the probability that cyber criminals can infiltrate your computer and online accounts.

Securing Your Desktop Against Viruses and Malware

Viruses, spyware, and other malware are still prevalent, and online culprits are still finding new ways on how they can infect a PC. Sure, illegal file-sharing sites and adult websites have a reputation of bringing malware to your desktop, but you don’t need to browse at the dark side of the World Wide Web to acquire it.

Of course, the best way to protect your machine from being infected is by installing a good antivirus or Internet security program. However, there’s no single antivirus that can safeguard your PC against all malware. Thus, for a strong PC security, you may add other security tools.

Open DNS

If you want to filter content and block malware-infested and phishing sites, you can enable the OpenDNS service. It can be activated on several computers or router to protect connected devices. Just a little change on your PC or router’s settings, your computer can now block malware, phishing sites, adult content, and proxy websites that try to bypass the basic filtering option.


There is also the free utility application, called Sanboxie, which runs your Web browser or other apps in an isolated virtual environment knows as sandbox. This virtual environment helps you detect downloaded viruses or suspicious programs in order to protect your PC. This is ideal when you’re browsing a risky website or downloading suspicious files that can turn out to be malware.


Also working along regular antivirus program is Malwarebytes. It can catch malware that your antivirus may have missed, as well as remove threats that your standard package can’t. The free version does on-demand scans, wherein you will manually open the program and run the scan. There’s also the paid version that features real-time monitoring that is akin to antivirus software.

Malware and other cyber crimes could come from everywhere across the Internet. It can also come in various forms and sizes. Hence, a bit of research on the topic and the right tools, you can safeguard your PC, easily identify such scams, and avoid becoming a victim of any malware invasion.

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