Google Search Page Gets a Cleaner and Simpler Look

Redesigned Google Search Page

Image: Redesigned Google Search Page | Official Blog

You may have not noticed, but Google spiffed up their search page a couple of days ago. The search engine giant tweaked its page to give it a cleaner and simpler look. That’s because they want to optimize their search page for their growing mobile users. As pointed out by Technology Business Research analyst Ezra Gottheil:

It does look cleaner. The text is bigger and I like that. I didn’t notice the change before but I do prefer it.

According to a blog post by Google Search Lead Designer Jon Wiley, the employed changes on the search engine to make a consistent users experience across various devices.

We’ve been working on ways to create a consistent search experience across the wide variety of devices and screen sizes people use today. We started with tablets last year, got it to mobile phones a few weeks ago, and are now rolling out to the desktop.

The search page’s new design is meant for Google to have “a bit more breathing room”.

What’s New in Google Search Page?

Aside from getting a clean and simpler look, Google relocated their sidebar at the top of the search results.

Two years ago, the search engine giant added the sidebar at the left side for the result page. It offers users a shortcut to various options such as News and Images. However, it has been replaced by similar tabs found above the search results.

Gottheil pointed out that Google’s redesign is focused on making a similar search experience, regardless if a user is on desktop, tablet or smartphone. It is also the search engine giant’s effort to give busy mobile users a clean screen.

Mobile is critically important. Google’s raw material is the total time people spend using the Web, and in increasing percentage of that time is spent with mobile devices. It needs to be cleaner. You can’t waste the left margin on smaller screens.

Mobile as Internet Companies’ Big Risk

Google is not the only Internet company that is looking for ways on how they can best handle their increasing number of mobile users.

Facebook is also working on how they can harness their huge mobile base. According to their documents filed as part of their initial public offering last summer, the social networking giant categorized mobile as one of the big risks that they are facing.

Most companies are dealing with how they can bring ads in front of mobile users without cluttering the screen, as well as causing slow response time.

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