Five Ways to Have an Awesome Website

Website by Mantasmagorical

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A website is considered by many businesses as one of their most important marketing tools. It enables them to be found by thousands of people within their target market, as well as share content to the rest of the world without the need to print anything.

However, not anyone can understand the art of web designing. So how can you make your business website awesome? Check out these simple tips below.

Don’t Forget Your Audience

It’s important to take your website’s audience into consideration. Instead of putting all the content that you like, you have to put whatever will catch your audience’s attention. You also have to make sure that it is something that they would read and share with their online friends. That way, your site visitors would be able to relate with what your content is all about.

Add Dynamics to Your Website

Dynamic websites are usually the ones that find success in the search engine nowadays. That’s why some sites feel the need to add a blog, while others include social media elements like Twitter feed. Why is this important? Because dynamic content helps make a website visible in search engine results.

Avoid Using Flash

Although it can make cool effects on your website, using Flash is not really encouraged. As pointed out by David Millili, CEO of Pegasus Solutions:

Flash can and will negatively affect your chances for sales on a retail site. For one, it won’t work on mobile devices, including any Apple mobile products. Secondly, content featured in Flash can’t be crawled by search engines, meaning you cannot easily search engine optimize Flash sites in the same way you would a Java-created site.

In Case of New URL, Redirect Your Visitors

Users also find it annoying that they are not redirected to a new URL whenever a site is rebranded. In case you have to redesign you business website, always remember to 301 redirect all of your old pages to the new one. Otherwise, you will lose a potential audience.

Go Mobile

Going mobile is the “it” thing when it comes to web design. According to WebLinc CEO and Co-founder Darren Hill, about 20 percent of Web traffic comes from mobile users. That’s why you also have to optimize your website for mobile device. Your site visitors will immediately leave if they’ll fumble through a non-mobile interface.

In order to use your business website’s marketing capabilities to its full extent, you have to make sure that it is well-optimized for various devices. Moreover, it should have a dynamic content that will catch your audience’s attention.

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