Black Ops 2 Tombstone Perk and 3-Second Rule Detailed

Image Credit: Black Ops 2: Zombie Mode | Treyarch Official Website

The news mill is churning more Black Ops 2 reports ahead of its official release. The latest of them is the Black Ops 2 Zombies perk called “Tombstone”.

When the said perk is activated, a gamer’s fellow members will automatically finish the round when his character dies. During this moment, the character will have the chance to return and interact with a floating tombstone.

By interacting with it, the player will be able to resurrect from the place where he died. The gamer will also be able to get back the weapon that he was carrying and the perks that he had before that.

The Tombstone perk, once used, can be bought again, although the purchase limit is yet to known. It was reported that the perk would cost 2000 points.

Black Ops 2’s Spawning System and the 3-Second Rule

Aside from the Tombstone perk, there were also reports regarding Black Ops 2’s spawning system. The details were revealed by the Game Design Director David Vonderhaar during the recent IGN live streaming event of the upcoming game.

He explained that a player should not feel so far away from the action, that the character will need to run just to get back in fire fight. However, the character should not also spawn immediately into harm’s way. Thus, the game design director pointed out the “3-second rule”.

Vonderhaar added that data were constantly gathered during the play test, measuring how often someone is shot at or able to shoot someone within 3 seconds of spawning. The goal of the test is to make sure that it wouldn’t occur. If action is met within the 3-second mark, it might be a little fast-paced for most gamers.

He also pointed out that the rate of successful spawning is pretty high so far. Thus, they will keep the 3-second rule after launch.

It is important for game developers to handle the spawning system well, as it can make or break a competitive first-shooter game like Black Ops 2. It could frustrate players if they are constantly spawned either too far away from the action or too close to it.

Perhaps it is also the reason why previous Call of Duty titles have implemented slightly different spawn system. It can also differ based on a particular title’s game mode. Spawning is indeed one game feature that can be tricky and touchy.

Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will land on stores on November 13, and it will be available for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3.

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