Clan of Champions for PSN All Set!

Image: Clan of Champions | NIS America Official Website

Starting November 20, NIS America will roll out Acquire’s Clan of Champions at the North American PlayStation Network, and it will be available in Europe on a later date. However, the game is already available for PC via Steam.

Also known as Gladiator VS, Clan of Champions is single or multiplayer action fighting game. It has a fantasy setting, and is part of the Gladiator series that includes Gladiator Begins (2010) and Colosseum: Road to Freedom (2005).

The 10-Minute Game Flow

Clan of Champions is an online game that lets players fight with or against their friends. Each match lasts for about ten minutes, wherein gamers can ask for their friends’ help with difficult missions or fight against them as part of their training.

Before the match, players can check their character’s stats, change equipment, and allocate skills. After that, they can select their missions that have various objectives. Every time gamers finish a mission, a new task will be unlocked. It is their choice to replay the mission they have already beaten.

Once a mission is completed, players will receive a reward from their employer, as well as have the opportunity to claim the items that they’ve encountered during the battle. Buying and using these weapons will also make their characters strong enough to complete more complicated tasks.

Characters and Opponents

Every gamer has a chance to choose a character among the game’s three unique races: Human, Orc, or Elf.

Humans are the world’s most common ethnicity; which is why despite not having extraordinary attributes, they were able to rule over the most parts of the game’s history. Orcs, on the other hand, have sturdy and robust physiques. Although they are the most feared among the races, they are fairly intelligent and posses some magic skills. Meanwhile, Elves reside in the depths of the forest. They also possess well-developed mental abilities and magic skills.

Of course, the game won’t be action-packed without the foes. These include the Asyle Ganeth’s Mercenary Corps; three heretic elves employed by the Elven nation. Their aim is to control the power from Kurgos dynasty. There’s also the Belgoska, a very experienced and brave warrior who heads the Belgoska Sea Drakes—one of the Urban Alliance’s mercenary forces. Lastly, the game also features the Skeleton Liege. It is a shamanistic warrior that dresses in flames of loyalty.

From Japan, Clan of Champions will definitely bring in the action to North America and Europe.

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