Apple’s Online Store Features Passbook-Enabled Gift Cards

Passbook App on iPhone 5

Image: Passbook App on iPhone 5 | Apple Official Website

Last Saturday, Apple added a banner at the front page of its online store, allowing customers to buy and send Passbook-enabled digital cards to friends and family. The company first announced that they would be rolling out the feature earlier this week, together with the Apple Store update.

How to Avail the Passbook-enabled Gift Cards

It was reported that Passbook-enabled Gift Cards were difficult. It also doesn’t appear in store-wide searches.

However, those who want to avail of the service can navigate to a featured gift card banner at the bottom of Apple Store app’s homepage. Users can then choose digital certificates for various retail Apple Stores, which will be delivered via snail mail or email. They can also opt to purchase iTunes cards, although it can only be delivered via snail mail.

As of the moment, the color choices available are blue, silver, and pink. Its value could be between $25 and $2000. The Passbook-enabled gift cards are also available through Apple’s online store for mail and email delivery.

How Passbook-enabled Gift Cards Work

Once delivered, users can print the email and bring it to a retail store, use it for online shopping, or download it as a QR code to the iOS Passbook app. The latter can be done by tapping the “Add to Passbook” button, and it will direct iOS to Apple’s servers that will generate a unique code.

During the process, Apple will let Passbook tag the generated code with a zip code for iOS’ built-in geo-tagging features. This system will ask the user if they would like their iPhone or iPad to open Passbook, as well as display the gift card when walking near an Apple Store.

Siri App on iPhone 5

Image: Siri App on iPhone 5 | Apple Official Website

Apple Store Update Brings Passbook and Siri Support

Aside from Passbook, the Apple Store update also brings in Siri support.

The update was launched, less than a month after it was reported that changes for the EasyPay point-of-sale system was underway. The system is used in all Apple Retail Stores, and there were claims that the upgrade is in preparation for Passbook-based purchases.

Other than that, the update also provides integration with Apple’s Siri virtual assistant. This feature opens that Apple Store app when asked about price and availability of a particular item. In relation to this, the iOS Apple Store app is now available in the Apple App Store or iTunes as a 6 MB download.

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