Microsoft’s Surface RT Touch Cover Fuels Complaints

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT

Image: Microsoft Surface with Windows RT | Microsoft Official Website

Although Microsoft’s hip marketing was able to lure people to buy their latest Surface RT tablets, it wasn’t able to stop customers from complaining about its Touch Cover.

Last Sunday, it was reported that the device’s touch cover keyboard has the tendency to fall apart. The iPad rival has already been in the market for a little over two years, but some early users of the Surface RT reported that the keyboard splits where it connects to the tablet.

According to one Surface forum member, “My Touch Cover, in the middle at the join of the screen, is peeling. Like the top layer has come loose and is ruffling up.” Another user also stated:

Right in the middle of the seam it tore open, and pretty quickly too… On another note, that Microsoft logo on the back is certainly not etched or painted on very well. Mine is already rubbing off.

Selling Out the Surface RT in a Snap

On the other hand, Microsoft admitted that there is a problem with their device’s Touch Cover. As stated by the company’s spokesperson:

Microsoft makes every effort to ensure our customers receive a high quality product. We are in active contact with our Customer Support operations and are aware of a small number of instances of material separation.

Moreover, the company advises that customers having a problem with their Surface RT’s Touch Cover should contact their customer support.

Despite the complaints, it was reported that Microsoft was able to sell out their tablets in a snap. The device’s cheapest iteration was promptly sold out after it was listed as a pre-order last month. As reported by tech and gadget website Tom’s Hardware last October:

Only a day after the prices were announced for the tablet, the $499 model for Microsoft Surface has seen its pre-orders delayed to three weeks.

The $499 model on Suface’s product page is already showcasing a delay of 3 weeks, with the two other models that are being sold at higher prices being available for delivery by October 26.

Prior to this, Microsoft released their “Surface Movement Commercial”. It shows dozens of people handling their Surface RT tablets, clicking them together with keyboards, setting them up on kickstands, and smacking them down. As a result, the campaign is like an audible click fest.

In relation to this, Microsoft’s chief executive Steve Ballmer suggested that the tablet’s commercial performance could see the device selling “a few million” within the span of 12 months.

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