Huge Game Levels Not Coming to Crysis 2

Image: Crysis 2 Box Art | Wikipedia

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli finally spills the beans why their Crysis 2 does not feature huge levels, unlike those found in the previous games. Yerli believes that the sandbox experience is perceived as an elite gamer kind of thing.

As other, more linear, games were selling better than the Crysis titles, the game developer got disappointed about it. In an interview with Eurogamer, the CEO stated:

We felt a sandbox game that requires a lot of freedom like Crysis 1 was perceived as something of an elite gamer kind of thing. Other games that were more commercially successful than Crysis as a formula were more handholding. They were entirely handholding experiences. We tried to bring in this choreographed sandbox formula to the table, which is mixing the volume of a sandbox from Crysis 2 with some of the linearity you would see – some of it only, like 10 percent only – in some of the more successful IPs out there. We got critiques from others. Newbies liked it more than the previous one. It was a mixed opinion.

Decreasing Sales for Crysis 2

However, this move did not pay off for Crytek. Yerli revealed they will be spending a lot of money with Crysis 2, in order to give players a high-quality gaming experience on console. Unfortunately, the game did not become profitable at any point. That’s why they are hoping they will have better luck with Crysis 3.

To set the record straight, Crysis was a profitable game for the game developer. However, sales for Crysis 2 did not go as well as the game developer had hoped for. Revenue for consoles went down, as well as their PC retail sales. Despite the depleting return on investment, they are seeing an increase in online sales with the help of digital distributions services such as GOG and Steam.

And since Crysis 2 is a not a graphical powerhouse, the long-term sales for its PC version will be lower than its predecessors. It may be good that Yerli admitted what gamers already knew, but it is also sad that instead of offering what they are so good at, Crytek chose to make more linear games—a decision that is made to maximize their earnings and nothing more.

As to whether Crysis 3 will be the end of the Crysis titles, Yerli revealed that it will be the end of the series but not the end of the franchise.

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