Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Hits Stores Today

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Now that Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 2 is available, the game promises that it will bring players to a completely new world—the future. However, setting the latest title in the year 2025 is considered as the game developer Treyarch’s riskiest gamble they are yet to make.

Black Ops 2 is a tie-up between the Cold War of the old years and the cyber-terrorism that would be present in the future, wherein drones and rifles that can peek through a wall becomes part of the daily warfare. As stated by Treyarch Head Mark Lamia:

The new setting gave everyone in the studio a creative freedom we didn’t have before. We want our games to have that plausible, grounded feeling, but make no mistake; we’ll err on the side of entertainment every time. It is a game. While it is important to tell a story, the game has to be fun.

Moving Forward: Additions and Changes

In addition, the futuristic setting will not only drive the story of the single-player campaign. In fact, robotic tanks, electrifying grenades, flying drones, and other high-tech warfare instruments were added to the game’s arsenal.

The changes will definitely affect Black Ops 2’s landscape for the multiplayer campaign. Nevertheless, the game developer promised that it won’t alienate the players. According to the game’s director, Dave Anthony:

It’s something we attacked right from the start. We knew that even though the game was going to 2025, it still had to feel authentic and gritty. It has to be an extension of the world that you can plausibly believe. I knew the best way to do that was to find a consultant who new where the current world was trending toward.

It is because of this that Treyarch signed military analyst Peter Singer to guide developers away from creating pure science fiction. There’s also The Dark Knight Rises screenwriter David Goyer to maintain the cinematic sensation of the game. This time, Goyer guided the developers from day one.

What Lies Ahead for Black Ops Series

There are several ways on how Black Ops 2 can be concluded, but that will depend on the how wannabe marksmen play the game.

On the other hand, Treyarch acknowledged that they are not yet sure whether a Black Ops 3 will be in the works, but one thing’s sure—they will think of something.

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