New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer shows off its Graphical Superiority


In the newest trailer for the most awaited game of 2013, we are introduced to the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V as Stevie Wonder’s 1987 hit “Skeletons” eerily plays in the background. This is easily the most off the wall selection for a trailer soundtrack since our first sight of Gears of War came packaged with “Mad World” as covered by Gary Jules, but it works just the same.

The trailer (and song) makes an immediate impact, setting the stage for nearly cinema-quality graphics that are light-years ahead of GTA IV. The Grand Theft Auto titles have often lagged behind the graphic quality of other AAA titles of the time, but GTA V definitely brings  the bag of tricks Rockstar Games learned while creating 2012’s Max Payne 3.

Grand Theft Auto V is built on the Rockstar Advance Games Engine, the same engine used for all of Rockstar’s current-gen games.  The physics and movements in GTA V will provide a very similar gaming experience to GTA IV.

The trailer introduces the three playable protagonists, a first for for the series at launch — GTA IV offered additional characters other than Niko Bellic, but only via expansions. The story revolves around Michael, a wealthy retired bank robber, his psychotic friend Trevor Phillips, and Franklin, a gang-banger turned repo man in his mid to late 20s. How the mötley crüe interacts with each other over the course of the story is still unknown, as well as if each character will handle differently. You can check out the second GTA V trailer in its entirety below.


Leaving Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto V will take place in the much more interesting area surrounding the city of Los Santos. Los Santos is a a delightfully different coastal town in the fictional state of San Andreas, with Los Santos representing modern Los Angeles, California. Neighboring areas of Los Santos representing analogues of Hollywood, Beverley Hills, and Venice Beach are included also in the game.

GTA V promises to provide a massive playing area, with art director Aaron Garbut calculating the world to be bigger than GTA IV, San Andreas, and Red Dead Rememption combined. To accompany this vast play space, tons of vehicles will be available, including re-envisioned helicopters and jet skis that will allow the player to coast above a fully-detailed ocean floor. This attention to detail will be definite improvement to the Grand Theft Auto series, as invisible walls and a general inattention to the edges of its world were amongst its few faults.

The vast arena is just one way GTA V will be able to accommodate flying in-game, as earlier reported by AMOG.  This will no doubt open up a pandora’s box worth of multiplayer tricks.

Multiplayer play will be refined in GTA V, with “crews” established while playing Max Payne 3 multiplayer carrying over to the 2013 title. If you played GTA IV‘s multiplayer mode, you probably had a fun, wild experience, but overall the mode lacked a cohesiveness. The implementation of a Max Payne 3-style multiplayer mode and carryover of existing groups of gamers will no doubt enhance the multiplayer community and experience.

 Grand Theft Auto V is currently scheduled for a 2013 release on the PS3 and Xbox 360, likely in April or May. A PC version of GTA V has yet to be announced.

Image courtesy of GTA Wiki via GameInformer.

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