Black Ops 2: A Buggy Mess for PS3 Owners

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PlayStation 3 owners who bought Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 may be having a difficult time, as it was reported that Activision and Treyarch’s latest game is a buggy mess. Many users are ranting on the PlayStation forum that Black Ops 2 is broken for the most part.

PS3 Problems with Black Ops 2

It was reported that PS3 gamers were not able to access Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s online multiplayer feature because of connectivity issue. Unfortunately, Activision failed to explain the matter. Although they were unable to provide an insight to the issue, the game publisher took to Twitter to apologize to affected gamers.

We are aware of connectivity issues that some players are facing in Black Ops II on PlayStation 3. We are working on resolution, thank you.

Aside from that, there were claims that a number of other bugs and glitches were found within the game. Some are graphics-related, and can be as severe as console crashing. The most troubling issue here could be the game’s pre-order incentive for the Hardened and Care Package Editions.

The number of codes found on the Nuketown 2025 map cannot be redeemed on the PS3 for unknown reasons. This means the map code is nothing but a piece of pretty paper with some funky letters and numbers. Nevertheless, here’s to hoping that Activision will be able to resolves these issues soon, so that PS3 owners can get the “quality” gaming experience that other platforms are offering.

CoD Gamers, Still Happy Onboard

Despite the news, gaming website Examiner reported that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 “appears to be running full speed ahead.” At Gamestop alone, the game’s midnight launch acquired up to $1 million in sales, setting the record as the biggest release in the store’s history.

In addition, review analyzer Metacritic labeled Black Ops 2 as “so far, so good.” The game currently holds an 84/100 rating on the site, with an average score of 44 critical reviews. Among those reviews, 40 of it fell to the “positive” category. This places the new title to cool #2 in the Xbox 360 gaming sphere, behind Halo 4 and tied with Assassin’s Creed III.

However, the game’s PlayStation Vita version—Black Ops 2: Declassified—flopped at a negative ranking of 29/100. Obviously, players and industry pundits’ view on the game and its performance is a mixed bag.

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