Safeguarding Your PC and Its Users from Malware and Cyber Criminals

Sick Computer by Ali Ender Birer

Sick Computer by Ali Ender Birer | BigStock

Aside from installing antivirus to protect your computer, there are also other ways on how you can safeguard your PC. That is making sure that your software is updated with the latest security patch.

Enable Automatic Windows Update

By enabling automatic Windows Update, you are making sure that your desktop’s operating system and other Microsoft products receive the latest security patches. When your PC is secured from these vulnerabilities, it is less likely for cyber criminals to infect your desktop and manipulate all your sensitive files and important user information. To enable this option, head on to your PC’s Control Panel section > Windows Update, and choose “Install Update Automatically” from the drop-down menu.

Update Your Non-Microsoft Software

Of course, you also download and install other software depending on your needs. What most users don’t know is that hackers also target non-Microsoft software to invade a susceptible machine. From there, they will be able to manipulate it to do malicious works or steal important information. If these are the type of applications that you use often, you have to make sure that it is also updated with the latest fixes and patches.

Encrypt Your PC from Computer Thieves

Aside from software vulnerabilities, computer thieves can steal your user information and other files by tapping through your Wi-Fi signal. When your wireless network is not protected by a password, anyone nearby can connect to it, track your Internet usage, as well as access your files and programs. It is important that you encrypt your computer.

Protecting Your Kids from Inappropriate Online Content

Other than your PC, you should also protect its users from inappropriate online content—especially when there are kids around. This is not just to protect them from any violent or adult content, but also to prevent them from purchasing any items online that could cause your credit to skyrocket or give any personal detail to a stranger.

Although the best approach here is to keep an eye on your kids while they are using the computer, you also use tools and services that can filter content and monitor their usage when you’re not around.

Making sure that your desktop is protected from any vulnerability is important, as it could serve as a pathway for hackers to access, infect, or steal your data. The key is to know what the threats are out there, so that you will know which things you should protect yourself and your computer from.

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