Gadgets that You Don’t Really Need to Buy on Black Friday

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Black Friday is fast approaching, and buyers are about to be bombarded with bargain news from various retailers. This could also mean good news and a lot of discount deals for those who are looking for a new tablet, digital cameras, and HDTVs. However, customers may want to resist the temptation, as not every discounted items are worth the deal.

Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft may roll out the best deals for their latest Surface RT, but it is still worth holding off and not buying on the day after Thanksgiving. That’s because better deals would appear early next year, especially when sales of the tablet remain modest and it continues to have issues in terms of quality.

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Such discounts could also arrive when Surface tablets running a full-blown version of Windows 8 hit the stores. Not to mention that the device is still sold at a hefty price, giving the company more room to move its pricing.

iPad Mini

Another tablet that you want to stop your urge from buying is the iPad Mini. Not because it won’t have a good deal, but because a better deal on its 9-inch kin will be available during the holiday season.

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According to bargain watcher website DealNews, pricing of the iPad 2 could briefly fall to $299 on Black Friday, which is better than shelling out $329 for its 7-inch counterpart.

Cameras and HDTVs

DealNews also stated that buying digital cameras and HDTVs is also worth delaying during the holiday season. Although there will be a lot of discount deals for digital cameras on Black Friday, most models are at the end of their product cycles.

The latest and greatest units are usually announced at the beginning of the year. This means that the good deals on some camera models now will be a so-so deal early next year.

It also goes with the brand name high-definition TVs. There will be a lot of good Black Friday deals on HDTVs, but that would be on third-tier sets. The real discounts on these items happen in January and February, since manufacturers are trying to move their products to make room for new models that are typically introduced during the spring.

Nevertheless, DealNews reminds shoppers that nothing is written in stone. According to the website:

While we advise against purchasing the above products around Black Friday, keep in mind that nothing is written in stone, and we may still see stellar deals within these categories; however, it is more likely that we’ll encounter so-so offers, so it’s best to temper your expectations.

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