Another Outage for Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime

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Last weekend, iPhone and iPad users reported that iMessage and FaceTime were experiencing outage across the US. This is the second time in a week that services connected with iCloud are having issues.

The iMessage and FaceTime Issues

A number of users reported last Sunday that they could not send or receive iMessages from their iPhone and iPad. It is a problem that is becoming more common since the release of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 6, in September.

In relation to this, it was posted on the company’s iCloud system status that “some” users were unable to use iMessage or place FaceTime calls. The error came at the heels of an issue about the iCloud storage upgrade payment transactions, which occurred about two days prior to the said outage. Apple, on the other hand, said that the service will return to normal “ASAP”.

Apple’s FaceTime | Apple Official Website

Last Sunday’s downtime marks the fourth outage for the past three months. The previous incidents in September and October affected iMessage users for both iOS and OS X clients. During those times, messages sent through the application were pushed through as SMS texts.

Introduced with iOS 5, the iMessage is Apple’s answer to online messaging services like Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger. Since the service is data-based, it enables iOS device users to communicate with each other without racking up the text fees. It also works with Macs running on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

On the other hand, Apple’s FaceTime allows users to make video calls from one iOS device such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to another.

Problems with iCloud Email Service

Although iMessage and FaceTime appear to be the most error-prone iCloud services, its email service also has its own problems. Its latest outage, which affected 1.1 percent of all users, occurred last September.

Apple confirmed the issue through a continually updated report, saying that a small number of iCloud users won’t be able to access their mail through the service, as it was experiencing unknown issues.

Despite the report that it only affected 1.1 percent of their users, there were claims that the issue was experienced by users from Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

As of this writing, it was posted on the iCloud System Status page that all services are now online. It was also reported that normal services for iMessage and FaceTime have been restored.

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