Nintendo Wii U: Sold Out in the US But With Hardware Problems

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Nintendo has finally rolled out their latest game console, the Wii U, last Sunday, which promises to bring in a new era of digital living-room entertainment. The latest console boasts a tablet-like controller, high-definition graphics, and a bevy of social and on-demand video services.

It is available in 8 GB hard drive capacity, as well as the 32 GB unit with a free copy of Nintendo Land. As stated by Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s COO and president:

Wii U is an ‘everyday’ connected device—offering a combination of games, entertainment, online connectivity and social activity that will make people want to interact with it daily.

Limited Wii U Supplies

On the other hand, limited supplies of the Wii U may frustrate the fans who want to have the latest gaming console for Christmas.

Earlier this year, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata warned buyers that there would be limited stocks this year. That’s because the production of the console didn’t start until last summer. In relation to this, it was reported that major retailers such as BestBuy, Walmart, and Gamestop were selling out of pre-order hardware.

There were also claims that the Wii U’s price were skyrocketing on eBay. The Deluxe or 32 GB edition retails at $380, but unties are selling it around $480 on the online auction site. Meanwhile, a search for Wii U on US Amazon shows that the console is offered at more than $500.

Because of this, it is expected that UK gamers will face similar problems when it becomes available in the region on November 30.

Hefty Firmware Issues

Aside from limited supplies, there were also reports that the required initial firmware update poses issues for the users. The Nintendo Wii U requires a sizable update when it’s first switched on, which takes more than an hour to download from the Internet.

There were claims the firmware comes at a whopping 5 GB, and those who will turn off their consoles before the process may “brick” their gaming device. As posted by Ben Fritz of LA Times on his Twitter account:

Warning: Don’t unplug your Wii U during the two-hour plus software update or the console stops working.

Whether the firmware is at 1-2 GB or 5 GB, it is still hefty for users who own the Basic Wii U model. Hopefully, Nintendo would do something about it.

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