Users Rant About Windows Phone 8’s Spontaneous Reboot

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Nokia and HTC smartphones running Windows Phone 8 were reported to have been spontaneously rebooting and freezing, as based on user complaints posted in several online forums.

In fact, some HTC 8X users reported that they’ve experienced one to eight random reboots a day after purchasing their mobile devices. But it appears that some were able to solve the problem after uninstalling the Facebook app from their phones.

HTC has not yet released an official statement regarding the issue, although there were claims that an immediate fix is underway.

Rebooting Problem, Not Limited to Windows Phone 8

However, it appears that the issue is not limited to Windows Phone 8, as one forum member pointed out that his mobile phone—running Windows Phone 7—is also experiencing spontaneous reboot during the weekend.

The same complaints were also posted on Windows Phone community forum. As posted by one forum member:

It was fine for the first week, but is now rebooting several times a day. Every time so far (that I’ve noticed) has been when it’s sitting on my desk doing nothing.

Another user also noted that the problem occurred to his HTC phone a couple of days after he bought it. On one occasion, he said that his handset rebooted three times in 20 minutes.

This is sloppy QA and I really hope things are fixed or it is going back. I really wanted to believe in Windows Phone this time but if this isn’t fixed fast then I’ll be back to Android.

Random Freezing on Nokia Lumia 920

Although rebooting issues were also reported for the Nokia Lumia 920, it seems that the device’s biggest problem is the random freezing. Some members of the Nokia support forum reported that their Windows Phone 8 was freezing when using Bluetooth devices. As one user posted on the forum:

I got my 920 on launch day from ATT. Within 10 minutes of leaving the store the phone locked up completely. Had to do a hard reset.

The whole night and part of the next day I had nothing but problems with freezes and locking up, apps not loading and other problems. Brought it back to ATT and exchanged.

The second phone also started freezing up and the start button wouldn’t work half the time. Took the second phone back as well and exchanged for my third, which luckily I haven’t had a single issue with yet.

As of the moment, both phone manufacturers haven’t released an official statement regarding the issue.

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