8 Vices That Can Be Good for You

We’re currently in the thick of the holiday season, which for a lot of us, can be dreadful for any number of reasons. Some of us get depressed. Others despise catching up with their families. And, then there are those of us who complain about all the food we’re stuffing in our mouths. Add all of that with prepping for the holidays with the daily grind—and this time of year is more stressful than joyful.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help you cope and enjoy the holiday season. And, believe it or not, some of that is through indulging in vices. While we’re not suggesting that you overdo it, indulging yourself in moderation can have many benefits. So, here are eight vices that are actually good for you, which you can also do throughout the year.



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We know that women love to shop and us men just buy. But, there have been studies that suggest spending money is a mood buster. Shopping makes people happier and improves self-esteem. This is especially true with the cliche “it’s better to give than to receive”. It turns out that giving to a charity or spending money on others makes us happier than spending money on ourselves.

Eating Chocolate

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Instead of avoiding chocolate, enjoy it—in moderation, of course. Chocolate actually has a number of health benefits, like reducing the risk for stroke, boosting heart health, and putting you in a better mood.


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During this time of year you’re bound to be a bit more social, which means interacting with the opposite sex. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, you’re bound to flirt, which can be a good thing. It boosts our self-esteem, and when we make a connection we get happy, since that releases dopamine and norepinephrine. Just be careful if you’re in a relationship, you don’t want to make your significant other jealous or go too far with the flirtation.

Vegging Out

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While you don’t want to make this a daily occurrence, vegging out can be beneficial from time to time, because face it, we all get burnt out. So, there’s nothing wrong with laying on the couch and watching a Rocky marathon. This allows us to clear out stress, restore our body and recharge our brain.

Eating Junk

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Again, this isn’t meant to become a regular habit. But, there are days when you don’t have the time, convenience, or craving, to eat healthy. Instead of depriving yourself of a slice of pizza, go for it. Food is supposed to be enjoyable, and if you enjoy pizza, it will put you in a good place. Also, treating yourself to junk food every now and then can help you from binging when the craving gets to be too much. So, while everyone is worried about dropping those extra holiday pounds, just remember, it’s perfectly fine to treat yourself on occasion with some comfort food.

Playing Hooky

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Just like what Ferris Bueller told us, sometimes we need a day to ourselves. Maybe it’s just to decompress or to get caught up with errands. Regardless, there’s nothing wrong with calling out sick and playing hooky, just don’t do it regularly. Studies have shown that taking a personal day can promote creative thinking, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Drinking Alcohol

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When done moderately and responsibly, drinking alcohol can actually be good for you. For example, there are theories that alcohol can be good for the old ticker. Then there are the studies that show that red wine contains antioxidants and resveratrol. However, the biggest perks of alcohol consumption are that it helps us relax, decompress, and most importantly, socialize.

Having Sex

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It’s no secret that us men enjoy sex, and that it’s important to us. But, as we’ve mentioned in the past, sex has numerous benefits. Of course, sex does things like relieve stress and help with sleep. But, it’s also good for our skin, self-esteem, and heart. Studies also suggest that sex can also reduce aches and pains and lower the risk of cancer.


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