Google: Creating an Apple AirPlay Competitor?

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When Google announced an update to Google TV last week, there were speculations that the search engine giant is starting to build a full-blown competitor to Apple’s AirPlay.

This feature from Apple allows iPhone, iPad, or Mac users to stream audio and video content to a television via Apple TV box. Simply put, when a user is watching a video from Hulu Plus on his iPad, it can also be played on the big screen with the press of a button.

Because of the AirPlay’s simplicity, it appears that Google also wants the same thing for their Google TV. That way, users can send a YouTube video from their Android phones or tablets to the TV just by pushing a button.

This is not the first time that the search engine has dabbled with remote playback. Prior to this, Google allows users to pair their devices with the TV using a nine-digit code. But this time, devices will be paired automatically as long as they are on the same network. This feature is now available for LG’s Google TV, and it will come to other devices—including Vizio Co-Star—in the coming months.

The Hurdles of an AirPlay-like Device from Google

Last July, it was also reported that the search engine giant is actually planning to build a full-blown AirPlay competitor. It appears that those speculations are now becoming a reality. Although they haven’t announced a catchy name for it, it’s hard to believe that a competing device from Google is not yet in the works.

However, the search engine’s method doesn’t work the same as AirPlay. Instead of streaming content from one device to another, an Android smartphone or tablet will simply send an instruction to Google TV. This will tell which YouTube video to play, letting users to remotely control the PlayBack.

In addition, this limitation doesn’t allow users to mirror their mobile devices’ display on the larger screen. However, the search engine giant can solve this with the help of Miracast. Still, it will take some time before this feature takes hold in phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and televisions.

Furthermore, Google must also think of ways on how they can integrate all of these. Google TV is not all-encompassing like the Apple AirPlay, which means that building a competing device won’t be an easy task. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that the search engine is showing signs that they are trying to create an Android alternative for it.

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