Samsung Adding iPad 4 and iPad Mini to New Patent Lawsuit

Samsung Group HQ in Samsung Town, Seoul

Samsung Group HQ in Samsung Town, Seoul | Wikipedia

Samsung filed a motion last Wednesday to add Apple’s iPad 4 and iPad Mini on its list of iOS devices that allegedly infringed their latest wireless patents. This includes more Apple products to be heard in an upcoming lawsuit.

Samsung vs. Apple: Asserting Multiple Patent Claims Once Again

First spotted by The Verge, it was reported that Samsung amended their original filing to add the iPad 4 and iPad Mini on their list of iOS devices that allegedly infringed their latest wireless patents. Asserting multiple patent claims, the South Korean tech giant modified their counterclaim against Apple’s Galaxy Nexus case.

The suit will be heard by the same court who ruled the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial, which ordered the latter to pay the Cupertino-based company a total of $1.05 billion last August. The upcoming Apple vs. Samsung patent infringement case is set to be heard sometime in 2014.

According to Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets, Apple’s newest patent infringement against Samsung will be their strongest case yet. In case the iPhone maker wins the preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus, its sales will be barred in the US and it may prompt Samsung to remove the handset’s “infringing features” such as the unified search, slide to unlock and predictive text.

The smartphone patent war is now at its highest intensity. While Apple’s litigation to date has failed to produce any significant wins, Apple is now bringing its strongest patents into the war.

Samsung: Tacking on More iOS Products

It was reported that Samsung is planning to add the iPad 4 and iPad Mini to their counterclaim against Apple’s lawsuit. The amendment is based on the infringement of two UMTS wireless technologies, as well as a number “feature patents” used in both cellular and Wi-Fi only versions of iPad.

Additionally, Samsung’s filing would like to clarify whether the US Patent No. 7,672,470 was correctly asserted against the three previous versions of Apple’s iPod Touch, just in case the original contention was improper. The patent suit covers the volume control found in a portable music player.

On the other hand, Apple also augmented their claims against Samsung. They recently set their sights on Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Android Jelly Bean build for Galaxy phones. Prior to this, the iPhone maker added the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note “phablet” to their pending case.

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