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Black Friday Deals from Good Old Games

Black Friday Deals from Good Old Games | GOG Official Website

While people are busy preparing turkeys this Thanksgiving day, gamers are clamoring to check out the best Black Friday deals that they can take home. This year, though, PC gamers thrive as Good Old Games started their Black Friday offerings early.

For the last few decades, GOG is considered as the best website to buy and download classic titles. Every game sold in the website is DRM-free and is optimized to run on modern systems. Moreover, the website has evolved into a Steam-like distribution platform, offering great and modern indie games. What’s cool about this website is that gamers can buy titles for as low as $20.

Check out GOG’s Black Friday deals below:

  • Resonance (Normally $10, release date 6/19/2012)
  • Botanicula (Normally $10, release date 4/19/2012)
  • To the Moon (Normally $10, release date 1/11/2011)
  • Gemini Rue (Normally $10, release date 2/24/2011)
  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (Normally $15, release date 5/22/2012)
  • Blackwell Bundle (Normally $15, release date 12/23/2006)
  • Torchlight (Normally $15, release date 10/27/2009)
  • Uplink (Normally $6, release date 10/1/2001)
  • Geneforge 1-5 (Normally $15, release date 12/12/2001)
  • Machinarium (Normally $10, release date 10/16/2009)
  • Spacechem (Normally $10, release date 1/1/2011)
  • Defcon (Normally $10, release date 9/29/2006)
  • Trine (Normally $10, release date 7/3/2009)
  • Symphony (Normally $10, release date 8/6/2012)
  • Darwinia (Normally $10, release date 3/4/2005)
  • Mutant Mudds (Normally $10, release date 8/30/2012)
  • Anomaly Warzone Earth (Normally $10, release date 4/8/2011)
  • Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest (Normally $10, release date 9/19/2008)
  • Unmechanical (Normally $10, release date 8/8/2012)
  • The Ball (Normally $10, release date 10/26/2010)

Offering a list of 20 games for sale, GOG also lets buyers pick five titles from the list for only $10. This is definitely a great deal considering that most games are sold for $10 each. It’s like buy one, get four free! In addition, Alex Cocilova of PC World reminds gamers to make sure that they haven’t yet purchased what they’re looking for.

My biggest recommendation would be to check and make sure you don’t already own the ones you’re looking at. I know how silly it sounds to not know what games you own, but if you’re a fan of the Humble Bundles and other various indie game bundling sites, you already own a good deal of these; I guarantee it.

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