Nokia Launches New Transport App Version for Windows Phone 8

Nokia Transport App for Windows Phone 8 | Nokia Official Blog

Nokia has launched a new iteration of their Transport application for Windows Phone 8. The mobile app presents directions in a new way, as well as count down when the bus or train will leave. As posted on the company’s official blog:

We’re taking our commitment to regular updates for our location apps very seriously and a good example is Nokia Transport (aka Nokia Transit in North America), which has been recently redesigned with a more intuitive and glance-able interface, specifically for Windows Phone 8.

What Can Transit 3.0 Do?

Also known as Transit, the version 3.0 of Nokia’s transport application helps users find ways to travel via the public transportation system. It has also been redesigned to have a more intuitive user interface.

It also has a new segmented map that provides a detailed view of each leg of the journey. All that users need to do is tap or swipe the screen to see each leg up close. Another tap or swipe will collapse the view.

Another cool thing about it is that users can plan their trip in advance by entering the date and departure time. From there, they can view their route options, as well as choose how many minutes are left until the train leaves instead of just seeing what time it leaves. As posted on Nokia’s official blog, “Now you know what time you need to leave, the station you need to get to, and the train you need to catch.”

Aside from that, users can also choose to display distances in miles or kilometers. They can also decide how to be informed about departure times, such as the exact time a train leaves and the time left until the train leaves.

Now available for download at the Windows Phone Store, Transit is now accessible in more than 550 cities and 53 countries.

Nokia Transit: Pacing Up Windows Phone 8 Sales

Navigation is one of the tools that Nokia hopes will convince people to pick up the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920—the Finnish phone maker’s new mobile devices that run Windows Phone 8. A part of the Navigation tool is the transport application, also known as Transit.

In addition, Nokia introduced a beta version of their Nokia Transport for Windows 7 yesterday. The application has the same feature set and design as the Windows Phone 8 version. The phone manufacturer also updated their Nokia Transport for Symbian.

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