Eddy Cue Fires iOS 6 Maps Chief

Apple's Maps for iOS 6

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It was reported that Apple’s Senior Vice President Eddy Cue fired Richard Williamson, the man who is in charged of the widely ridiculed iOS 6 Maps application. The news came after an executive shakeup occurred within the company last month.

There were also claims that the move was made in order to regain the trust of their consumers. Although the application doesn’t appear to have hurt the iPhone 5 sales, it was still a rare public misstep for the company, which prompted Apple CEO Tim Cook to issue an apology letter:

We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make maps better.

In search for improvement of the Maps application, it was reported that Cue is seeking advice from experts outside of the company. Moreover, the SVP is encouraging its partner TomTom NV to fix the landmark and navigation data that it shares with Apple. As reported by Bloomberg:

In removing Williamson, Cue wants to install a new leadership team for the group, one person said. A replacement for Williamson wasn’t immediately known.

Reasons Behind Apple’s Executive Shakeup

For the past weeks, Apple has seen major changes in its ranks. In face, it was highlighted by the departure of former iOS software chief Scott Forstall. It was reported that Forstall was fired because he refused to sign an apology letter, which explains the deficiencies of the Maps application in iOS 6.

As it turns out, Cook is the only one signed on the apology letter that the company issued last September. In addition, the letter mentioned a number of alternative applications available on the iOS App Store that people can use in lieu of Maps for iOS 6.

However, it is very noticeable that Google Maps was not included in the list.

Apple and Google’s Growing Rift

Previously, old iterations of iOS include the Google Maps service. However, there is a growing rift between Apple and the search engine giant, which have prompted the iPhone maker to make its own mobile map application.

But when iOS 6 was launched last September, the app was ostracized by customers who thought that it is inferior than Google’s mapping solution. In relation to this, it was reported that an official Google Maps application is in the works, although it is yet to be available to the public.

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