Coming this 2013—Batman: Arkham City Escape Board Game

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Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced yesterday that Batman: Arkham City Escape board game will be available early next year. The upcoming game is the latest addition to the Arkham City universe, and it is based on the story line of the award-winning video game series.

With a suggested retail price of $45.00, the board game’s box contains the following:

  • 126 Game Cards
  • 40 Villain Cards
  • 40 Batman Combat Cards
  • 8 Utility Belt Cards
  • 10 Ally Cards
  • 10 Gargoyle Cards
  • 18 Setup Cards
  • (1) Batman Character Paw
  • (8) Combat/Action Dice
  • (1) Batman Experience Die
  • (1) 18” x 33” Double-Sided Gameboard
  • (1) Utility Belt Board
  • (1) Rulebook

How to Play Batman: Arkham City Escape

Batman: Arkam City Escape requires two players that will go head-to-head. One will play as Batman while the other will take the role of one of the twenty villains, which ranges from The Jokey to The Riddler.

The goal is for Batman to prevent every villain from escaping so as to keep the streets of Gotham City clean. As posted on Board Game Geek, the player controlling the Arkham inmates could gain points by helping the villains escape the asylum.

On the other hand, the player representing Batman could earn points by apprehending his adversaries. Also included in his mission is to save the iconic allies using his specialized gadgets that can be found on his utility belt.

Each gamer will rely on their strategy and wit in order to win. Furthermore, the course of the game can be changes depending on each character’s decisions. The first player that will earn points wins.

About Batman: Arkham City

The board game is based on the 2011 title that was developed by Rocksteady Studios—Batman: Arkham City.

In the action-adventure video game’s main storyline, Batman is incarcerated in Arkham City. His mission is to uncover the secret behind the asylum’s “Protocol 10”, while protecting inmates from the vile characters that are housed there.

Moreover, the game brings emphasis on the main protagonist’s combative, stealth and detective skills, as well as the gadgets that he can use for both combat and exploration purposes.


No other words were given with regards to the game, other than its tentative release date. It was reported that Batman: Arkham City Escape is due to hit the stores early 2013.

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