Microsoft Sold 40 Million Windows 8 Licenses

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In an event in Scottsdale, Arizona, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing and Financial Officer for Windows Tami Reller revealed that the Windows 8 operating system has sold 40 million licenses since its launch last month.

She also noted that the Surface RT Pro will be available in January next year, just in line what they’ve previously promised that it will hit the shelves in early 2013. Moreover, Reller added that the has attracted 25 million users.

The Windows 8 Statistics Revealed

During the Credit Suisse Annual Technology Conference, Reller pointed a number of statistics that indicates how well the Windows 8 has fared with users.

When people experience Windows 8, the do find it easy to get started and fun to learn. We know from the data we’re getting in that customers do indeed get the product.

This presentation is perhaps meant to address the criticism of the operating system’s user interface.

Since its release, the company was able to log 1.5 billion impressions of users bringing the start screen to remote telemetry. It was also reported that users have started personalizing their screen within the first three weeks of its release. In fact, customers added an average of 19 tiles to the ones that are already installed in the system.

In addition, 90 percent of users started using the charms features such as search and share, which can run within various applications. This feature is used by about two to three times whenever a user runs the device. There are also more than 85 percent who used the desktop upon purchase, while approximately half of them visited the app store.

Reller also revealed that the number of applications available in the store has doubled since the launch of Windows 8, while several apps were downloaded over a million times.

Major Changes in Microsoft

Aside from this, Microsoft stated earlier this month that adoption for Windows 8 is faster than its predecessor. However, Reller cautioned customers against comparing their latest OS to Windows 7. That’s because the previous version is not addressing a major changes in hardware platforms, unlike the Windows 8 that is tagging along the emergence of portable devices.

Speaking of major changes, Reller recently took over some of Steven Sinofsky’s duties after he stepped down as the president of the Windows Division earlier this month. While Julie Larson-Green is taking care of the engineering direction, Reller is concerned with the business and marketing sides of the OS.

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