ASUS Postpones US Release of Taichi Dual-screen Ultrabooks

ASUS Taichi Dual-screen Ultrabook

ASUS Taichi Dual-screen Ultrabook | ASUS Official Website

It was reported that ASUS has delayed the US shipments of its Taichi dual-screen Ultrabook, which happens to be available on online retail stores such as Amazon, NewEgg and TigerDirect. During the Computex Trade Show last June, the Taichi was an attention grabber because of its innovative design.

The device was expected to be shipped this month, following the release of Windows 8 PCs and tablets. However, an ASUS spokeswoman said in an email that shipments will likely start on December or even on a later date. The representative did not give further details with regards to the delay. There were also no words about Taichi’s worldwide shipping status.

Taichi Dual-screen Ultrabook Features

ASUS’ Taichi tablet-laptop hybrid features a revolutionary design. In fact it has two screens: One on the front and one at the back panel of the display. It looks like an 11.6-inch laptop with touchscreen display at first glance.

But once it is closed, it will activate another touchscreen monitor on the back of the panel that makes it look like a tablet. As previously posted on PC World:

Not to be outdone by other touchscreen Ultrabook makes, ASUS has packed the Taichi with not one but two full HD In-Plane Switching (IPS) screens that can be used independently. The screen on the outside is a touchscreen. This unusual design allows two people to use the laptop at the same time. Imagine this: You could be typing up meeting notes while your kid taps away on the outer screen playing with a Windows 8 app.

Weighing 1.2 kilograms, it features 1920 x 1080-pixel screen resolution, 4 GB RAM, 5-megapixel webcam, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, two USB 3.0 ports, and Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system.

The tablet-laptop comes in two models: The Taichi 21 DH51 and DH71. The DH51 has an Intel Core i5 processor, 128 GB solid-state drive storage, and it costs $1299 on Amazon, NewEgg and TigerDirect.

On the other hand, the DH71 has a faster Intel Core i7 processor and 256 GB SSD. It was priced at $1299 in Amazon, although the price has now been withdrawn. Meanwhile, NewEgg and TigerDirect tag the machine at $1599.

Moreover, online retailers have stopped taking orders for the Taichi dual-screen ultrabook, and listed the device as being out of stock or discontinued. Hopefully, the tablet-laptop hybrid will be available in stores soon, as it can provide a door to new hardware computing market.

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