Sony Lists PlayStation All-Stars Promo by Accident

Image Credit: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale | Official YouTube Video

It appears that Sony is in a roll lately when it comes to sales and advertising on their new PlayStation Store. There are glitching PlayStation Plus trials, preventing people to buy games. AMOG also reported earlier this week that PlayStation Croatia accidentally gives huge discounts on PS3 Games. But it’s not the end of it all.

Free Copy of PlayStation All-Stars for PS3 for Every Vita Version Purchase

Gaming news website Game Podunk reported yesterday that the PlayStation Store posted an ad, saying that a free copy of PlayStation All-Stars for PS3 is available for those who will buy the game’s PS Vita version. However, those purchased the game did not actually get their free game.

The advertisement went live for only a few hours, but that was more than enough for gamers to take a screenshot of the advertisement and try their luck with the promo. But when it was found out that nobody were able to get their free game, the advertisement was shut down afterwards.

The accidental advertisement could pose a problem for Sony, as users might think that their online store is having glitches lately. On the other hand, players might get likely next time as the deal might end up working eventually. So those who are interested on the promo should keep their eyes peeled on the PlayStation Store.

Low Launch Sales for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

In another PlayStation All-Stars news, Sony Computer Entertainment responded to reports that their PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale had a low launch-week sales.

Although was listed in the UK as the 38th software that was launched last week, the company revealed that their sales fulfill their expectations. According to a company representative, “Sales are right on target with expectations and we are happy with them.”

PlayStation Universe even speculated that the game’s low launch sales is due to the company’s lack of marketing muscle. As posted on the gaming website:

For such a significant release, Battle Royale limped into the charts at 38—a disappointing showcase no matter how you slice it. To be more specific, a trusted source puts first week retail sales of the game at just 6,121 in the UK. And, while you could attribute the poor performance to competitive marketing conditions (after all, with Call of Duty gobbling up the market share, even the likes of Hitman can’t get a look-in), you have to wonder whether or not Sony has put enough marketing muscle behind the game.

So whether or not PlayStation All-Stars will make it on the charts remains to be seen.

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