Safeguarding Your Personal Details on Social Media

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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and many more have provided Internet users other means to communicate or promote their business. What they didn’t know is that it also provided a new avenue for cybercriminals to grab their personal data or make a scam. If you don’t want to be a victim of any of these malicious online activities, be sure to follow the simple tips below.

Be Wary of Friend Requests

Before you add someone of your social media account, be sure that the friend request came from someone you know. Most of the time, spammers use this opportunity to connect with other people. Once you add them to your network, they will start grabbing your personal information, as well as those of your friends and family. So unless you know the person very well, don’t add them to your social media connection.

Watch Out for Phishing Attempts, Scams and Other Hoaxes

Don’t immediately click on links or join promotions that you see online. Some of them may be just a scam, trying to get sensitive data from you like your credit card. Always remember to be intuitive whenever you’re doing online transactions, and make sure to think before you click.

Read App Permissions Carefully

You might to need activate some applications from a social media for some reasons. If that’s the case, check out what profile information they would want to access from your account. You should also check your approved apps from time to time to see if any of them are suspicious.

Tighten Your Privacy Settings

One of the best ways to make sure that your social media account is protected is to tighten its privacy settings. It varies from one social network to another, but it is important that you set them up. If you are given an option to encrypt to connections, you should enable it. That way, you’ll feel secure when connecting from a public Wi-Fi hotspot. It is also advisable to check your privacy settings once in a while, especially when a social media made some changes or updates on your profile.


Social media may have given people easier means to connect and communicate with friends and family. However, it could also pose danger to someone who doesn’t know how to protect himself from cybercriminals. That’s why before you connect on the Web and set up an account, make sure that everything you’ll do will be guarded.

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