SkyDrive Codes Reveal Music Player on Microsoft Cloud Storage

Microsoft SkyDrive

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It was speculated that Microsoft may bring a music player feature to SkyDrive. This means that when users have a song stored on the cloud storage service, they will be able to play it from any browser or mobile device—quite akin to how Google Play Music or Amazon Cloud Player work.

SkyDrive and Xbox Music

As reported by Microsoft news website LiveSide last Saturday, part of the SkyDrive codes is referring to a music player. It also includes related images from an internal testing version of the cloud storage service.

Today, LiveSide was able to exclusively confirm that Microsoft will be bringing a music player feature to We had been digging around some of the codes in the current version of, and noticed references related to a SkyDrive music player.

Although it is unclear how the SkyDrive music player can relate to Xbox Music, there is a great chance that the two services will be integrated. That’s because the Xbox Music is the Windows 8’s default music app for PC.

Prior to this, the Xbox Music service was announced during the E3 2012, allowing the rumor mill to churn claims of music integration is SkyDrive. When Microsoft launched Xbox Music last October, the company officially acknowledged that cloud storage is coming next year to the service.

As of the moment, the service comes in with the capability to scan a device’s local system for music files. It will then match the files to the store, and then mark it as “owned”. And as long as the files are available for streaming within the service, it can be streamed to other devices.

As for the songs that aren’t matched, such as live recordings or strange recordings, Microsoft promised a future update that will enable users to upload such files to a locker.

Microsoft SkyDrive: Access Your Files while On the Go

Because of Microsoft’s cloud storage service becoming prolific, this has made people to become increasingly accustomed to accessing their files and media while on the go.

Considering that SkyDrive is easily available for iOS and Android other than Windows and Windows Phone, Microsoft has the capability to give users access to their files whenever and wherever they want.

While Amazon Cloud Play and Google Play already let users upload their music to the cloud and stream it to various devices, a Microsoft option would be a welcome addition.

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