OTON X: New Console That Generates Games Automatically

OTON X Gaming Console | OTON X Official Website

While gamers are waiting for the next-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles, gaming website Blackman ‘n’ Robin reported yesterday about a new gaming device called OTON X.

Created by EnGeniux, their console is meant to shake up the gaming world, as the OTON X can generate games without the need for human input. As posted on their official website:

Gamers crave challenge, unlimited game content, low cost games, and high quality games that won’t put them in the poor house…. Each OTON premium unit will ship with a built-in laser project technology that allows gamers to project their custom game environments on any wall surface. The Star Trek holodeck is finally here! (Sort of!) Imagine requesting OTON to create your own personal simulated game environment and interacting with your projection! Even crazier—recreate certain times, events and places high in history or explore the future with radical simulated projected environments…. We believe a game console should play anything, hence the name game console. OTON will support some of the most popular Android and Linux games that will be on OTON. The system will go updates regularly to support many game formats.

Issues and Concerns About OTON X

Although it sounds promising, it is difficult to picture out what to make of En-Geniux’s OTON X. It was reported that the console will run a customized version of Ubuntu, as well as support Android gaming platform.

However, it is unknown how the machine will work with its quad-core CPU, which is built in ARM Cortex-A9’s micro-architecture and is clocked at 1.2 MHz. That’s because most Linux-based games are built for X86 CPUs. Supposed that customized Ubuntu is well-made and can support known games, the OTON X could be an excellent gaming device.

The level generation feature is also nice, but how can this feature create unique experiences like Chrono Trigger? OTON X may be able to generate playable games, but it is still questionable whether it will be worth playing or not. In addition, the game console promises to make it easy for gamers to create custom titles, which could also prompt developers to consider such system.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how this console from EnGeniux will work. Although its features are too good to be true, it is still exciting to see how the game creation engine in action. If OTON X works, it could definitely bring the gaming world to a new generation.

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