343 Industries Rolls Out Unlocked Specialization Codes for Halo 4

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Microsoft has started sending out their unlocked specialization codes last Friday night to gamers who were able to play Halo 4 on Xbox 360 before November 20. In addition to this, 343 Industries provided some reasons for those who may have not received it yet. According to the company’s community manager Jessica Shea:

Codes giving early access to six specializations were sent yesterday. I’m currently following up with that team to find out if all the emails have been sent.

As it turns out, 343 Industries was able to send all the email that contains codes during the weekend. However, Shea admitted that a mix up caused the email to be sent to people regardless of whether they opted to marketing emails or not.

In case you haven’t received an email entitled “You Have a Gift from Xbox LIVE”, listed below are the possible reasons.

  • If you did not play Halo before November 20 at 11:59 PM EST, you won’t be able to receive the email.
  • If you are registered in Xbox LIVE Europer, Africa, Middle East or Africa, you won’t receive the email either. As noted on the original offer, these regions were not part of the Specializations offer. In addition, Specializations is a pre-order and not a post-launch offer.

Moreover, Shea suggests that users must check their spam folders, as well as make sure that the email account they are checking is associated with their Xbox LIVE gamertag. However, the community manager that although all specializations were unlocked, gamers must reach Service Rank 50 in order to access it.

Users can also reach Xbox Support on Twitter or visit their official website in case they still can’t find the email on their inbox.

More About Halo 4’s Unlocked Specializations

Last October, AMOG reported that Microsoft and 343 Industries announced that there are six unlocked specializations included in Halo 4 Limited Edition. However, there were also claims that the promo is no only limited for the game’s Xbox 360 version. In fact, Microsoft sent out an email, saying that Halo 4 Standard Edition also has six unlocked specializations.

Play Halo 4 Standard Edition while connected to Xbox LIVE by November 20, 2012 and you’ll get early access to six specializations.** That’s 60 additional levels and new content in Halo Infinity Multiplayer.

Meanwhile, those who won’t have the unlock code will have Wetworks and Pioneer Specializations to choose from upon reaching level 50.

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