New iMac Model Gets Low “Repairability Score” from iFixit

Apple's Redesigned iMac

Apple’s Redesigned iMac | Apple Official Website

During its customary teardown of the latest Apple products, repair firm iFixit gives the 21.5-inch iMac a repairability score of three out of ten. According to iFixit, the all-in-one desktop’s display is hard to replace, and it also lacks easily-upgradable RAM. On the other hand, Online Apple Store posted ships dates of the device back to more than a week.

Apple iMac’s Repairability Score

After the latest iMac model was rolled out to stores last Friday, iFixit took an in depth look at Apple’s latest all-in-one desktop. As it turns out, the unit is “an exercise in disappointment” when it comes to repairability.

According to the repair firm, the device’s new display is now glued on the iMac’s chassis compared to being attached by screws and covered by a removable magnetic front glass. Although the screen is identical to the one that was used last year, Apple used a lamination process that bonds the front glass to the display. In turn, this allows for less reflectance and deeper color saturation on the screen.

Moreover, the new 21.5-inch iMac lack upgradability. Users can still change or replace the device’s hard drive, RAM and CPU; although it means that they have to remove the screen and logic board. Not to mention to that they should also take out all integral components located at the back side of the board.

But despite the desktop’s low repairability score, the redesigned iMac comes in with some improvements. This includes the dual-microphone technology for better FaceTime call audio. It also features a more robust ribbon cable for built-in camera, as well as a large central heat sink that only uses a single fan to regulate the temperature within the machine’s operational limits. The fan is also attached to a spring-loaded Intel socket that carries the CPU—an indication that the processor is somehow easy to replace.

Shipping Times and Availability

Just a day after the Apple Retail Stores and authorized resellers started selling the 21.5-inch iMac, the standard model was given a lead time of seven to ten business days. It also mirrors to the soon-to-be-released 27-inch model, which is now expected to be rolled within three weeks to a month due to some delays.

Prior to this, Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the company’s quarterly conference call last October that all iMac models will have significant supply shortage. However, the reason behind the delays remains unknown.

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