Apple Releases Third iOS 6.1 Beta to Developers

Apple iOS 6

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Last Monday, it was reported that Apple has rolled out the third pre-release beta of their upcoming iOS 6.1 mobile software. The software update was delivered three weeks after the second beta was issued.

Available via Software Update in the iOS Settings application, it was said that the mobile operating system iteration is labeled as build “10B5117b”.

Inside iOS 6.1 Beta 3

Apple’s third iOS 6.1 beta—which is compatible with second, third and fourth-generation iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5, as well as the fourth and fifth-generation iPod Touch—reportedly “contains bug fixes and improvements”.

In relation to this, there were claims that beta testers are now asked to enter security questions for iCloud once the device boots up—a feature which was not present to previous beta versions.

Earlier beta versions of iOS 6.1 allow users to buy movie tickets through Fandango using Siri. In addition, the first two betas have an enhanced Map Kit framework. This enables developers to look for map-based addresses in points of interests. For example, when a user enters a search term “coffee”, the system would provide location of local cafes nearby together with relevant details.

Previous iOS 6.1 Beta Versions

The second beta iteration of iOS 6.1 was released last month, together with a new preview of Xcode 4.6 and beta software for Apple TV.

Aside from the enhanced Map Kit framework in iOS 6, the previous beta has changed the relevance behavior with Passbook iOS 6.1. This application encourages developers to provide both date and location detail for boarding passes if appropriate. That way, the boarding passes will be relevant for a longer period.

However, iOS 6.1 beta 2 still carries some issues with it. For instance, when users browse for TV shows in iTunes Store, options to view content by networks, genres and Genius recommendations are not available. But it appears that this function was stable in the first beta version, although it has some crash issues that occur when using the camera’s panorama mode.

Meanwhile, the first beta version of iOS 6.1 addresses a number of minor bugs such as screen distortion, camera flash issues, and Exchange problems.


Now that iOS 6.1 is on its third beta testing, it is safe to assume that the software’s development is coming to its end. Hopefully, the mobile OS’ gold version will be available before the year ends.

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