Sony Releases PS Vita Firmware 2.01

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After it was reported that Sony will fix the known issues found on its PlayStation Vita Firmware 2.00, the company has finally released a patch for it in the form of firmware 2.01. As posted on PlayStation’s official Twitter account yesterday:

PS Vita system software update 2.01 coming soon. Will fix the issues with automatic synching of PS Plus game saves.

Apparently, there were no noteworthy changes found in the latest PS Vita firmware. In fact, nothing was mentioned in the supplied change log. What’s interesting though is that the firmware would be automatically downloaded when a user leaves his PS Vita on Standby.

This means that PlayStation Plus has already made its job, and the update is ready to go. Thus, the update is mandatory, whether or not a user is PlayStation Plus subscriber or not.

Nevertheless, firmware 2.01 can easily be updated over Wi-Fi and should only interrupt a user’s gaming session for only a couple of minutes.

PS Vita Firmware 2.00 Bug and Fixes

Last month, PS Vita users encountered a problem on Sony’s recent firmware update version 2.00. The company was able to identify bug, which causes the automatic safe upload functionality to fail. And while they are working the fix, PS Vita users were able to access and backup their saved data through the Content Management app.

The latest firmware update is said to fix the console’s automatic synching issue. As is turns out, this feature lets PlayStation Plus members enjoy a wide range of perks on PS Vita. This includes access to handheld’s Instant Game Collection and automatic game updates.

This only goes to show that while bugs are inevitable during a major update, it’s good to know that Sony were able to push out a fix immediately.

PlayStation Vita YouTube App

Aside from fixing the PS Vita’s automatic synching issues, the console’s YouTube app also received an improvement after receiving the update. Although the video application is already awesome because it is working fine and easy to navigate, it now has additional features.

As posted on the PlayStation Blog, the new YouTube app for PS Vita now has the following:

  • Subscription and Channels
  • Improved Controls
  • Playlist Settings
  • Closed Captions
  • Continuous Playback
  • PS Vita Buttons
  • “Share” Button
  • Improved Search

Because of firmware 2.01, users can now have an enhanced viewing experience in addition to the application’s already robust set of features.

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