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New LinkedIn Profile | Official LinkedIn Blog

Although many are saying that no companies hire during the holiday season, LinkedIn spokeswoman Lindsey Pollak says that December provides unique opportunities to get your dream job. Plus, it is also a great time to hone your networking skills. Listed below are four ways on how you can pimp you LinkedIn network and get hired.

Rekindle Connection with Former Colleagues

According to Pollak, holidays are the perfect time to reach out and get back in touch with your former colleagues and long-lost friends. But instead of sending them a generic email, wishing them a happy holiday, it would be good to customize your message to make it genuine. And then you can save the news of your job search over coffee or dinner.

Practice Offline Networking in Events

Now that you’re reunited with your friends on LinkedIn, you can check out their profile for updates. See if you have some common events to attend. That way, you can easily network and talk about your job search with your former colleagues.

Pollak says that it is okay to talk about your job search during holiday events. Just make sure that you’re specific with the kind of position you’re looking for. This is also a great opportunity to meet other people from within your desired industry, giving you the chance to connect with more relevant individuals.

Take Advantage of the Season

Holiday is also a great season to take advantage of the “companies don’t hire on December” myth. Since many are not actively seeking job during that time, this is your chance to post your application and stand out from the rest of the hopefuls.

If a company is looking for new employees, they are more likely to open their inbox even on a holiday. So you have to make that your application is there. It is also a good idea to follow up your application, noting your interest for the job.

Update Your Profile

Since holiday also means that the current year is coming to its end, this is a great time to spruce up your LinkedIn Profile. Seize the opportunity to update your profile with any accomplishments that you achieved within the year, or any details that would be relevant to your job hunting efforts.

In addition, make sure that your LinkedIn activity broadcast is turned on. This would let you push any updates that you do on your profile out to your network’s activity stream.

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