First Post-launch Firmware Update for Nintendo Wii U is Out

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After the launch of Wii U, Nintendo has released the console’s first post-launch firmware update. The 600 MB download features additional improvement to the overall stability of the handheld, and other minor adjustments.

Although version 2.1.0 seems to be a minor update, there were reports that firmware is taking ages to finish and install. As posted on the Nintendo Support Page:

If you have downloaded the previous system update (before December 4) and are now downloading the latest update:

  • If your system is connected to the Internet, it will automatically download the system update in the background, which allows you to use your system while the update is downloading. You can check the status of the new download through the Download Manager screen.
  • The update can take up to an hour to download. The new system update may take an extended amount of time to download, even if you have already performed the previous update.
  • If the download is happening in the background, it is okay to power off the system using the power buttons of the system or the GamePad. The update will resume when the system is powered back on.
  • Do not unplug the system while the update is downloading or installing. If the system update is interrupted by unplugging the system, you may damage the system.

Wii U’s Out of the Box Update

Prior to this, Nintendo rolled out a mandatory update for the Wii U straight out from the box. And just like firmware version 2.1.0, the download is also a long one depending on the user’s Internet speed.

The update surprised every user the moment they turn on their console. According to Nintendo, the update brings in “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.”

The new system update may take an extended amount of time to download. Depending on the speed of the Internet connection used, it could take an hour or more to download and install, even if you have already downloaded the previous update. Please be patient.

It was also indicated on the support page that it’s normal for the progress bar displayed on the console to take some time before it starts to move. However, it was reported unplugging the console during an update would cause the system to brick. That’s why it is advised that the system must not be unplugged while downloading the update.

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